Eccentric One Leg Squats

To kick off the week I want to share Eccentric 1 Leg Squats. Lower down to a parallel box on one leg, come back up on two legs. Like so: I’d always thought of this as a great learning progression for single leg squats (which it is), but I learned from Mike Boyle that it can also be a good alternative exercise for folks experiencing knee pain from regular single leg squats. I think it works well in both scenarios. If you’re new to single leg squats and can’t seem to get the hang of it, try these to a [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 7/7/2012

Hope everyone had a good week and is getting geared up for a fun weekend. I’ve been slacking a little with the writing. To be honest, I’ve been busy and just haven’t felt like writing much. So, I haven’t. Just like I need to take breaks with my training from time to time, I also need to take breaks with writing. I did write this post last Sunday though. Cross Body Single Leg RDL I’ve also been reading a lot, so I’ve still got a great list of good stuff for you. Enjoy! 4 Steps to Effectively Coaching Exercises by [...]


Cross-Body Single Leg RDLs

Last week I shared Landmine Single Leg RDLs. I’ve received quite a bit of good feedback from readers that have tried them so far, so I thought I’d share an alternate way to do them that also works well. In the version I shared last week, you’re standing in line with the barbell and moving mostly in the sagittal plane (though it does require stabilization in the front and transverse plane). You can also set up standing perpendicular to the barbell which—due to the arc of the barbell—creates a “cross-body” reaching effect in all three planes of motion. It’s not [...]