Landmine Skater Squats: Advanced Single Leg Squat Variation

In the past month, I’ve shared several lower body exercises using the Extreme Core Trainer, aka “the landmine.”

So far, that list includes reverse lunges, single leg RDLs, and cross-body single leg RDLs.

Well, add another good one to the list: landmine skater squats.

It goes a little something like this.

In the previous three landmine exercises I shared, the addition of the landmine actually makes it easier from a balancing standpoint because the bar functions as a counterbalance. Here, however, it makes it much harder than doing them traditionally with small dumbbells in the hands and reaching the hands up as you squat down, which would look more like this:

I really like skater squats as a more hip dominant replacement for single leg squats to target the glutes more. We also use this sometimes as a substitute for athletes that can’t deadlift. Adding in the contralateral loading from the landmine increases glute recruitment even more, making this a bona fide booty builder.

Make sure you’ve taken some time to master regular skater squats first before trying them, and once you do, be conservative with the weight. I might even suggest using just the bar at first, and I don’t like going over a plate. If you need more load, add a weight vest, but having too much weight of the bar can be very awkward.

Skater squats are sort of hybrid exercises between a squat and deadlift, so it gives you some wiggle room in terms of programming. You may have also seen skater squats referred to as single leg deadlifts, shrimp squats, airborne lunges, or any number of different names. Personally I just with skater squats because I work with a lot of hockey players and it just makes more sense to me since the movement loosely resembles the skating motion.

Anywhoo, give em’ a rip and let me know your thoughts.

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