Good Fitness Reads For the Week: 7/28/2012

I’ve got an awesome list of fitness articles for you this week from around the fitness world. I’m on my way out the door so I’ll cut the chit-chat and get right to it.

Here are a few posts you may have missed from the week.

Landmine Valslide Reverse Lunges: Knee-Friendlier Lunge Alternative

Landmine Skater Squats: Advanced Single Leg Squat Alternative
Now for the articles…Enjoy!

Don’t Worry You’ll Be Dead Soon by TC Luoma

Risk Homeostasis by Eric Cressey

Chicken Legs and the Big Picture by Arnold

Shocking Muscle Gains by Sean Hyson

Old School Muscle by Adam Bornstein

1 Arm Landmine Row by Tony Gentilcore

Lifting Light Weights by Mike Boyle

How Hard Do We Push When We Stretch? by Mike Reinold

Crash Dieting Syndrome by Sohee Lee

Mass Building Sins by Jason Ferruggia

Don’t Be Like Donald Duck by Bret Contreras

Weightlifting Jerk Technique by Wil Fleming

Identify Triggers For Added Success by Greg Robins

Six Words or Less: Powerful Questions for the Clinician and Coach by Shon Grosse

Programming for an Advanced Hockey Athlete by Kevin Neeld

Get-Up/Swing Tutorial from Tony Gentilcore

Top 6 Best Squat Tips by Jim Smith

15 Minutes to Eradicate Chicken Legs by John Romaniello

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

Muscle Imbalances, Generators, Connectedness, and 3 Tips to Clean Up Athleticism by Anthony Mychal

8 Ways to Make Practice More Productive for Baseball Pitchers by Landon Wahl

Lee Boyce talks about useful gym equipment

Light lifting, big muscles?

Advanced Deadlift Technique: Taking the Slack Out of the Bar by Smitty Diesel

Coach Stevo on the Big 21

Eating Healthy on the Cheap by Kelsey Reed

The “One Day” Mentality by Marianne Kane

What If I Don’t Want to, or Can’t, Lift Heavy? by Nia Shanks

Working Out When You Don’t Really Want to Work Out by Dean Somerset

Balancing Training and Recovery by Greg Robins

Interview with Molly Galbraith

Kettlebell Training for Soccer Players by Michael Perry

Get Your Press Up! by Mark Rippetoe

Cobra Traps and Cannon Ball Delts by Todd Bumgardner

Unleash the Power of the Jump Squat by Brad Longazei

Turbocharging Digestion by Jason Maxwell

The Art and Business of Writing in Fitness by Kellie Davis

Coaching Tip: When Not to Correct Someone’s Form by Stevo Reed

Three Easy Steps for Fitness Goals by Justin Wetherby

8 Ways to Spice Up a Plank by Jon-Erik Kawamoto

Train Because You Love Your Body by Jen Comas Keck

Where Should You Feel the Barbell Row? by Anthony Mychal

Anterior Loaded Squat to Box by Harold Gibbons

I Don’t Know Anything by Molly Galbraith

Interns and Impact: The Impression You Make On the Athletes Part 1 by Jennifer Petrosino

Interns and Impact: The Impression You Make On the Athletes Part 2 by Jennifer Petrosino

That’s all. Have a great weekend!