Good Reads for the Week: 7/21/2012

This week flew by for me for some reason. Seriously, I can’t believe it’s Saturday already.

In any case, I’ve got another great compilation of fitness articles for you this time.

First off, earlier in the week I mentioned that my friend John Romaniello was sharing his new Super Hero Fat Loss program on a 50% off sale through Friday. Since that post, John’s extended the sale through the weekend so you can still get in half off until the end of Sunday. I’d definitely check it out here, and you can read my thoughts about the program here.

I also had another new article go up on T-Nation this past Monday called 6 Primo Permutations sharing some different pressing exercises you can do in lieu of the bench press and overhead press.

And here are a few posts you may have missed.

Landmine Reverse Lunges

Cool Fat Loss Program

Now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Sohee Lee. I really liked this one. Very honest, and very well-written.

Do It Because It Works by John Romaniello. This is a cool article that one was written for Arnold’s website, and anything pertaining to Arnold is automatically twice as cool, making this uber-cool.

Table Adductor Dips by Eric Cressey. This is a great one from Eric. He shares a bunch of reason why this is a good drill, but what draws me to it is that it’s a lot more friendly than a lot of lateral lunge or Cossack squat variations. Great idea.

The Death of Muscle Building by Jason Ferruggia. Good stuff as usual from Jason.

Does Everyone Need to Squat? by Tony Gentilcore. I like Tony’s take on this one.

I Never Read My Own Work, but… by Dan John

Cleaning Up Your Chin-up Technique by Eric Cressey

A True Fitnee Challenge: A Training Ban by Marianne Kane

Flicking the Scab Off Your Dietary Beliefs by TC Luoma

30 Rules to Lift Like a Girl and Look Absolutely Awesome by Nia Shanks

The Man in the Arena by Mike Boyle

Fitness Bullies? by Jen Comas Keck

Jim Laird interview

Strongman Strength Program by Sean Hyson

The Paradox of the Strength and Conditioning Professional by Rob Panariello

Interview with Zach Moore (This dude is awesome)

Mastering the Basics: Training Edition by Sohee Lee

Demolish Your Genetic Limits by Brad Schoenfeld

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

Random Thoughts from Bret Contreras

No Pain, No Problem? by Dean Somerset

Dear breakfast by Elsebth Vaino

Sports Massage: Don’t Forget the Basics by Patrick Ward

Self Limiting for Prolonged Progress

Getting Big Through TUT by Jim Kielbaso

Back Blast for the Tragically Latless by Dean Somerset

1 RM Kinematics and Weightroom Culture by Sam Leahey

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 105

Summer Training for Nine Year Olds by Mike Boyle

Five Man Maker Moves for Athletes by Ryan Munsey

Biomechanics of TRX Squat Variations by Mike Reinold

Pumpkin Pie By Neghar Fonooni

Train Like a Grown Ass Man by Greg Robins

Early Development and Peak Performance by Kevin Neeld

Gaining Traction by Finding Your Spark by Smitty Diesel

MBSC Intern QA with Kevin Carr

Interview with Mike Boyle

Deadlifts as Finishing Movements by Dave Tate

10 Second Body by Harold Gibbons

The One Thing In Life That You Can Control by Justin Wetherby

How to Look Like an Athlete Without Being One by David Leyland

Soreness Doesn’t Equal Effectiveness by Damon Brobst

5 Ways to Fire Up Your Cardio by Jon Erik Kawamoto

Learning to Love Your Body by Molly Galbraith

Empower Yourself Ladies: Part 2 by Emily Socolinsky

Ankle Mobility by Matt Siniscalchi

And I’m spent.

That’s it for this week. Remember to please connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube if you don’t already.

Have a good weekend!