Glute Bridge Marches

Today I want to share glute bridge marches. Here’s how I do them. This exercise really challenges the glutes and focuses on building rotary stability. The goal is to keep the hips extended while you avoid swaying or shifting from side to side. The torso stays steady throughout the set and the only motion comes at the legs. You don’t need to use a barbell, and in fact, I would highly recommend starting with just bodyweight as it’s quite challenging as it is. That being said, I like the barbell because: 1. It makes it more challenging if need be. [...]


Good Fitness Reads For the Week: 7/28/2012

I’ve got an awesome list of fitness articles for you this week from around the fitness world. I’m on my way out the door so I’ll cut the chit-chat and get right to it. Here are a few posts you may have missed from the week. Landmine Valslide Reverse Lunges: Knee-Friendlier Lunge Alternative Landmine Skater Squats: Advanced Single Leg Squat Alternative Now for the articles…Enjoy! Don’t Worry You’ll Be Dead Soon by TC Luoma Risk Homeostasis by Eric Cressey Chicken Legs and the Big Picture by Arnold Shocking Muscle Gains by Sean Hyson Old School Muscle by Adam Bornstein 1 [...]


Landmine Valslide Reverse Lunges: Knee-Friendlier Lunge Alternative

Last week I showed Landmine Reverse Lunges as a knee-friendly lunge variation. I like that exercise quite a bit, but I think it might be even better (and knee friendlier) adding in the Valslides or a slideboard to the reverse lunges. Whichever hand you hand the barbell in, that leg goes back. Like this: If you watch the video, you’ll notice that the shin of my front leg hardly moves at all during the set, which takes a lot of pressure off the knee. You’ll also notice that I’m able to slide WAYYYY back—further than I can step in a [...]


Landmine Skater Squats: Advanced Single Leg Squat Variation

In the past month, I’ve shared several lower body exercises using the Extreme Core Trainer, aka “the landmine.” So far, that list includes reverse lunges, single leg RDLs, and cross-body single leg RDLs. Well, add another good one to the list: landmine skater squats. It goes a little something like this. In the previous three landmine exercises I shared, the addition of the landmine actually makes it easier from a balancing standpoint because the bar functions as a counterbalance. Here, however, it makes it much harder than doing them traditionally with small dumbbells in the hands and reaching the hands [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 7/21/2012

This week flew by for me for some reason. Seriously, I can’t believe it’s Saturday already. In any case, I’ve got another great compilation of fitness articles for you this time. First off, earlier in the week I mentioned that my friend John Romaniello was sharing his new Super Hero Fat Loss program on a 50% off sale through Friday. Since that post, John’s extended the sale through the weekend so you can still get in half off until the end of Sunday. I’d definitely check it out here, and you can read my thoughts about the program here. I also [...]


Cool Fat Loss Program

My friend John Romaniello just released a cool training program today called Superhero Fat Loss. The part about superheroes is just to keep it fun because John’s really into that sort of thing and know all the various comics and superheroes like the back of his hand. I never really got into comics as a kid so that’s never really been my thing, but I do like the program. The idea behind it is that superheroes don’t just look the part, they act the part too. I can dig that. I’m usually turned off by most fat loss programs because [...]


Landmine Reverse Lunges

Today I want to share Landmine Reverse Lunges. Basically, hold the barbell (attached to the landmine, or this case the Extreme Core Trainer) in one hand and take a big step back with the same side leg as the arm holding the barbell. Like so: I like this exercise a lot because the barbell helps function as a counterbalance allowing you to be able to take a bigger step back than you’d otherwise be able to with most standard loading methods. This, in turn, allows for a vertical tibia, which puts less stress on the knee joint. For those of [...]


Good Reads For the Week: 7/14/2012

It’s Saturday already, and that means it’s time for another Good Reads compilation. Here are a few posts you may have missed during the week. Single Leg Hip Thrust/Leg Curl Combo Eccentric One Leg Squats For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 84 Good Reads (from last week) And now for the articles. It’s a long list, so take it in chunks. Enjoy! Leg Curls 2.0 by Yours Truly. I’m partial to this one because, well, I wrote it. Call of Booty Intermittent Fasting: Is It For You? by Sohee Lee Intermittent Fasting: Why and How a Food Loving Girl Chooses Not [...]


Single Leg Hip Thrust/ Leg Curl Combo

I had an article go up on T-Nation yesterday called Leg Curls 2.0 that shows a lot of different leg curl variations for your posterior chain that don’t require machines. To give this post, check out that article, and I’d appreciate any feedback you might have. A lot of the exercises involved the Valslides. Anyway, one of my readers-Matt Forrest—sent me a message in response to the article suggesting that I try a hip thrust combined with a Valslide leg curl. So basically, it’d be a hip thrust where you start with your legs extended and bring them in as [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 84

It’s been a while (over a month, actually) since I’ve put together a video compilation so it seemed like a good time to bust another one out. I decided since I haven’t done it as much as normal that I’d make it extra awesome, so you’re in luck: 20 sweet videos for your viewing pleasure. I’ll just get right into because a) I’ve gotta fly and b) you don’t want to read me babble anyway. Enjoy! Valslide chest flies. If you’re looking for an exercise to smoke your chest, look no further. Holy burn. Jim Bathurst practices one arm handstands. [...]