Listen Up Ladies!

Last week I made a post called Look Like Barbie, Lift Like Ken that talked about my client Megan Graham as she prepared for Miss Bikini Universe, where she ultimately took 3rd place.

Today the Boston Herald ran an awesome article talking about her awesome combination of beauty and strength. It talked about her exercise regimen and even mentioned the big weights she lifts. I’m very happy for Megan because she’s a great girl and has worked extremely hard, and I also think it’s a great message to be sending to women about the importance of building strength. Megan is living proof that women can and should pursue strength in the quest to look and feel better. I’m so glad to see a mainstream media source spreading this message to the masses.

Here is a picture of the article. I made it bigger so you can (hopefully) read the text.

If the text is too small to read, you can find the article here.

Megan is going to be starting up a fitness website very soon and I really look forward to that because she has a lot of great things to share that can really help women. Be on the lookout for that in the near future.

Please help out in spreading the good word!