Good Reads For the Week: 6/23/2012

Time for another edition of Good Reads.

Here are two posts you may have missed during the week.

Look Like Barbie, Lift Like Ken

Resisted Valslide Leg Curls

Now for the rest.

2012 Buyer’s Guide by Sean Hyson. This is really cool. Sean took a ton of time to summarize and evaluate a lot of the most popular training and diet programs out there. I’ve been reading through this and I think it’s a cool resource to have. Plus, it’s completely free. Can’t beat that.

Sagittal Plane First by Mike Robertson. I really like Mike’s posts, and this is another great one. Just ignore the picture of the schmuck doing lunges 🙂

Training Compilation by Ross Enamait. This is a video rather than an article, but it’s so freakin’ awesome I decided to include it anyway. Ross does awesome work and this is one of the coolest training videos I’ve seen. He’s a beast with his training and a really nice guy to boot.

Working Toward the 225 Pound Hip Thrust Club by Kellie Davis. If you read my blog with any regularity then you know I’m all for women crushing heavy weights. You also know I’m partial to nice butts. This post melds those two passions into one post of awesomeness.

Improving Ankle Mobility Without Increasing Knee Pain by Eric Cressey. As someone who has been dealing with a lot of knee pain in recent months, this post was particularly useful for me.

Increasing Ankle Dorsiflexion by Bill Hartman

8 Things You Need to Know About Training Women by Elsbeth Vaino

8 Things You Need to Know About Training Women Part 2 by Elsbeth Vaino

What Types of Cues Should Trainers and Coaches Provide? by Bret Contreras

Beautiful Badass Pillars by Nia Shanks

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Eric Cressey

Priority Shifts by Molly Galbraith

How Safe Is Your Muscle From Your Conditioning Routine? by John Alvino

Everything and Nothing in Moderation by Neghar Fonooni

How Much Protein Is Too Much? by Mike Roussell

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 104

The Death of Quickness: Powerful Speed Training by CJ Easter

Get Rid of Toxicity In Your Life by Tony Gentilcore

Fitsmart Podcast 7 by JC Deen and Roger Lawson

Develop Infield Prowess by Greg Robins

Off Season Hockey Training Program by Kevin Neeld

Problems, Mysteries, Shakespeare, Fitness, Tongues and More by Dan John

The Limits In Your Head (CNS Fatigue) by Matt Perryman

Bulgarian Split Squat by Nick Tumminello

How to Bench Press, How to Use Leg Drive by Smitty Diesel

Using Strength Training to Support Your Yoga Practice and Vice Versa by Stacey Schaedler

13 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Zoolander by John Romaniello

The Shocking Reason For Your Lack of Progress by Jason Ferruggia

The Myth of HIIT by Anthony Mychal

Stand Out as a Personal Trainer in a Big Box Gym by Dean Somerset

3 Reminders For the Skinny Fat Ectomorph by Anthony Mychal

Upper Body Driven Rolling by Dean Somerset

30 Years 30 Tips by Jon Erik Kawamoto

30 Years 30 Tips Part 2

Your Stress Account by Patrick Ward

50 Ways to Become a Better Athlete by Drew Henley

Why Are They Better Than Us? by Justin Rabinowitz

That’s all folks. Which one was your favorite? Let me know below, and have a great weekend.