Two Advanced Glute/Hamstring Exercises

I’m on a posterior chain kick. Since I can’t do much knee dominant work right now, I’m doing of work for my glutes and hamstrings.

As I touched on in my training update, I’m mixing lower back intensive work (i.e. deadlifts) with non-lower back intensive work (i.e bridging, sliding leg curl variations).

With deadlifting variations, progression is simple: add weight.

With bridging and sliding leg curl variations, however, progression isn’t quite so straightforward. Adding tons of weight to bridging exercises can be cumbersome and uncomfortable, and with leg curl variations (Valslides, stability ball, foam roller) there really isn’t a great way to increase the load.

As such, progression can come from making the exercise harder rather than just adding weight.

With that in mind, here are two variations that I like.

1. Single Leg Hip Thrusts

Elevating the feet increases the difficulty substantially, and it also brings the hamstrings into play much more than when your feet on the floor.

Don’t go adding load right away because this is a very difficult variation. If you do choose to add load though, I’ve found it to be very helpful to start by bridging up with two feet to get yourself situated and centered and then removing one foot.

Like this.

I also like to do these slow and controlled with a pause at the top at opposed to rushing through them. I think of it as a controlled thrust.

2. Glute Bridge/Valslide Leg Curl Combo

These are downright brutal for the hamstrings and glutes.

Bridge up, pause, and slowly lower yourself down until your legs are straight, making sure to keep your hips up and your glutes off the floor.

It won’t take much load for these to suck. Start with just bodyweight, then progress to a light dumbbell in your lap until you get the hang of it.

If you think Valslides are a little wussy, these might change your mind.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. For more videos, check out the last For Your Viewing Pleasure post for some good inspiration.