Good Reads For the Week: 5/26/2012

I hope everyone had a good week and is gearing up for a fun weekend ahead.

I’m actually on my way out the door right now so I’ll just get right to sharing this week’s list of good reads for you to peruse when you get some time.

Here are some posts you may have missed during the week.

How to Teach the Squat by Todd Bumgardner

Great Cable Row Alternative: Seated Barbell Band Rows

And here are some great articles. Enjoy!

20 Of the Smartest Fitness Trainers You Might Not Know by Roger Lawson

The Paradoxical Commandments by Mike Boyle

Single Leg Training by Ross Enamait

What Has the Biggest Impact on Outcomes Following ACL Reconstruction Surgery by Mike Reinold

Bodybuilding That Isn’t BS by Sean Hyson

The Minimalist Guide to Mobility by Roger Lawson

The Anti-Pussification Program by TC Luoma

Carb-Cycling for the Non-Counter by Dan Trink

Armor Building by Dan John

18 Tips For Aspiring Fitness Writers by Jon-Erik Kawamoto

10 Forgotten Tips for Smarter Lifting by Mike Robertson

531 and Athletes by Jim Wendler

Create Better Supersets Using Drivers by Mike Robertson

Jon Goodman: The Journey to Ignition

Triple H’s New Training Regimen by Joe Defranco

Triple H Peaks for Wrestlemania by Joe Defranco

The Perfect Warmup by Tony Gentilcore

7 Simple Ways to Become a Better Coach by Dave Rak

How to Take Charge of Your Training and Your Life by Jason Ferruggia

3 Steps For Hunger Control and Fat Loss by Nia Shanks

10 Hidden Expenses In Opening Your Own Strength and Conditioning Facility by Pete Dupuis

5 Things That Might Surprise You About Our Baseball Programs by Eric Cressey

Interview with Zach Moore

The Myth of Wrist Strength in Hockey by Kevin Neeld

Strength and Conditioning Internships by Kevin Neeld

My Dad and the FMS by Devan McConnell

The Winning Mindset by Smitty Diesel

My Five Favorite Core Moves by Greg Robins

Sprinting and What I Think About It by Clifton Harski

Start With the Trap Bar by Harold Gibbons

Managing Training Stress by David Lasnier

Individualizing Team Training by Matt Siniscalchi

Have a good weekend!