Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 81

Time for another awesome compilation of training videos. Enjoy!

Amputee Workout. Wow, this guy is amazing. Not really too much more to say.

Jim Bathurst shows 90 degree pushup negatives. I love watching this type of stuff. So impressive.

Max Shank does weighted freestanding handstand pushups. This is just nutty. Considering I can’t even sniff a handstand pushup, I think this is beyond cool.

North Dakota football team Olympic lifting. A lot of times when I see college lifting videos the form leaves much to be desired, but this is really great. Cool to see.

Nia Shanks crushes some smooth single leg squats. Nia makes these look far too easy. Awesome.

Mike Boyle shares a slideboard leg curl progression. I am a big fan of slideboard leg curls and this is a good progression to follow to work up to doing them correctly.

James “Smitty” Smith and Joe Defranco share the trailer for their new HardCORE DVD. This looks awesome and I can’t wait to check it out.

Molly Galbraith maxes out on back squats. Very strong stuff here, and congrats on the new personal best!

Nia Shanks does overhead press with Fat Gripz. Using Fat Gripz is a good way to take stress off the elbows. Good stuff from Nia.

Jim Laird deadlifts 315 with 200 lbs of chains for 3 reps. What’s crazy is that this is his last of five sets and he is just working on form. I wish I could work on form with that much weight. Holy moly.

Marianne Kane does some chin-ups, rows, and curls. Nice workout, and I especially like the dude doing smith machine “squats” in the background while she does cable rows.

Kevin Carr shows some stability cable row progressions. Great stuff as usual from Kevin.

Michael Keck box squats 550. This goes up really fast for 550. Yikes.

Tony Gentilcore shows the tall kneeling landmine. This is great exercise to build rotary stability.

On that note, time to hit the gym!

As usual, I didn’t include any of my own videos, but you can find them over at my You Tube page if you’re interested. You can also see what I’m up to with own training here.

Have a great day!