Bottoms Up Kettlebell Pressing, Without the Kettlebells

In several recent posts (including this one), I’ve mentioned how I’ve started doing “bottoms-up” kettlebell presses and how I’ve really been enjoying them. But what about if you don’t have kettlebells? Several people have asked me that, so I got to thinking, and here’s what I came up with. As it typical with me, I can’t think of anything good to call it, so I went with “bottoms up dumbbell press.” Anyway, here it is in action. The name doesn’t really work since the dumbbell really isn’t upside down, so if you can think of something better, I’m all ears. [...]


Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 77

It’s that time of the week again, time for another compilation of awesome training videos from the past week. Let’s get right to it. Time to getcha popcorn ready! Here is a video of my awesome client Megan Graham dominating some hip thrusts. Megan is a great girl that works extremely hard, and it shows. […]


4 Tips For Learning New Exercises

Here are four tips for learning new exercises in the gym. I have used these tips with great success for single leg work, squatting, deadlifting, ring work, chin-ups, glute-ham raises, and most recently, “bottoms up” pressing. It should be obvious, but before you start banging away at an exercise and trying to load it up with obscene amounts of weight, you need to take some time to learn and master the movement first. How much time? Well, that really depends on you. My best answer would be “as long as it takes to get it right.” I’ll say this though; [...]


Good Reads: 4/7/2012

Well, it’s the weekend already, and that means it’s time for another edition of Good Reads. With this being Easter Weekend, I guess that makes this an extra special edition. With over 75 articles, I think that qualifies as special. Speaking of Easter… Before I get to the entire list of articles, I want to remind you that Dean Somerset’s Post Rehab Essentials is on sale for the rest of the week and is more than half off the regular price, so check it out and see what you think. Find more info here. You can read my review in [...]


Random Thoughts

Ok, it’s the end of the week; time for some Random Thoughts. 1. Post Rehab Essentials Back in December Dean Somerset released Post Rehab Essentials, which is a great resource for any trainer or exercise enthusiast looking to learn how to deal with all things related to injury (assessment, rehab, prehab, corrective exercise etc.). I really liked it, and I reviewed it on my blog, which you can read here. Well, in lieu of Easter, Dean seems to be in a good mood so he put it on sale for less than half of the normal price. I liked the [...]


Batwing Row/Rear Delt Fly Combo

Today’s post will be quick because I’m on my way out the door. Last week, I shared “batwing” rows and curls. If you missed that post, it’s here. I’ve been using the rows once a week and really like them. I probably should be doing the curls more because Lord knows my guns (aka. water pistols) could use it. But right now I’m doing the rows trying to prioritize my upper back. Last time I was doing the rows though, I thought of combing a row with a rear delt fly, like this. Holy moly: my upper back and rear [...]


Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 76

I’ve got another compilation of awesome training videos from the past week. I’m short on time right now, so rather than babble, I’ll just get right to it. I didn’t include any of my own videos since the list is already mega-long as it is, but I uploaded a bunch of new stuff this week that can find at my You Tube page. Also, if you missed yesterday’s post, you can also find another good one there. Without further adieu, getcha popcorn ready! […]


Single Leg Barbell Glute Bridges

Today I want to share and demonstrate Single Leg Barbell Glute Bridges. My friend Bret Contreras has introduced me to many awesome versions of the glute bridge and hip thrust, but this one slipped through the cracks. I’ve been doing some simple bodyweight glute bridges both bilaterally and unilaterally and thought to give this a shot and I actually really like it. With heavy bilateral glute bridges, it can be a little uncomfortable resting all that weight on your hips, and there’s a tendency for your body to slide back on the floor. Here, since the weight is so much [...]