Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 73

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is getting ready for a great week ahead.

With that in mind, hopefully I’ve done my part to make the start of your week just a little better by compiling 20 awesome fitness videos from the past week for you to watch.

Get ready to be entertained, get motivated, and learn some stuff. Between this and the Good Reads post I made over the weekend, you should have enough stuff to keep you busy for a while.


Slow tempo chin-ups. I’ve been playing around with different tempos on my chin-ups, and one thing I tried was slowing down the concentric. I’m not sure if I like it, but it’s definitely much harder. For example, doing a 5 second concentric and 5 second eccentric is harder than doing an explosive concentric and a 10 second eccentric. Anyway, just something to think about.

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More Barstarzz craziness. The stuff these guys do just continues to get more and more impressive. Starting at about 45 seconds in, it gets straight up ridiculous. Wow.

Michael Keck squats 225×50. This is crazy. About a month ago Mike squatted 225×30 and I called him out and told him he needed to get 50. Well, didn’t take him long at all. Dude is an animal. Awesome stuff!

David Dellanave does a 605 lb. Jefferson lift. My jaw dropped when I first watched this. I’ve never tried this exercise, but it looks really hard. Well, let me rephrase that. David makes it look easy, but the lift itself looks very hard.

Gerald McCoy talks about his training. I am always to see how elite athletes train so I found this very interesting. I also like the message he tries to impart.

Julia Ladewski shares some clips from her training. Julia is incredibly strong for her size and I am always in awe when I watch her train.

Citadel baseball team gets after it. Here is some video footage from a strength competition that the team did amongst themselves. Motivating stuff to watch!

John Meadows does squats with the tsunami bar. This is a new bar that will be coming out soon, and it looks freakin’ hard! I would love to try it out at some point.

Chase Karnes squats 500 lbs at 215 lbs bodyweight for a new personal best. That’s a great squat, and it’s always cool to get a new personal best. Congrats to Chase!

Speaking of personal bests, Jen Sinkler hits a personal best with a 200 lb. front squat. And that’s AFTER doing 190 and 195, so I bet she could do even more fresh. Nice job!

Michael Keck squats 550 lbs, raw. This is strong as crazy, but what’s even crazier is that it really doesn’t even look that tough for him.

Paul Moser squats 500×5 at Defranco’s Gym. That’s just crazy strength. Nice looking squats too for such heavy weight.

Shon Grosse shows one of his high school athletes squatting 355 lbs. with great technique. This is great form for such heavy weight. Love it.

Jim Laird squats 450 lbs with 160 lbs of chains. Strong!

Frankie Addelia shows a TRX burpee progression. Here are four different variations you can try based on your current ability level.

Marianne Kane cranks out chin-ups with ease…like a boss.

Chase Karnes does log clean and presses and yoke walks with obscene amounts of weight. 320 with the log, and 700 with the yoke to be exact.

Pullup and pushup freestyle. I bet this guy gets some funny stares doing this stuff in a commercial gym. Wow.

Kevin Carr shows some drills to increase hip flexion. If you struggle with hip flexion, some of this stuff could really help you out.

Stevo Reed shows his high school athletes getting after it. It’s always fun watching the kids get crazy.

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Ok, I’m off to the gym!