Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 75

I’ve got another awesome compilation of training videos from the past week from around the fitness world. If you missed yesterday’s post, there’s also a few there to check out too.

I’ll cut right to the chase and share the goods. Enjoy!

Reverse Grip Floor Press. In the past month I’ve been trying to focus more on my pressing. I can’t barbell bench heavy without my shoulders hating me, but I’ve found several variations that I can use that feel better. One is the reverse grip floor press. This one looks awkward, and it can bother some people wrists, but I find it quite comfortable actually, and it really seems to put added emphasis on the triceps.

Jim Bathurst attempts a “crank.” A crank is a hanging L-sit to front lever to inverted hang. Translation: Jim is a straight up beast. This is fun to watch.

Barstarzz in Miami. I never get sick of watching this stuff. It’s just so awesome to see such strength, grace, and fluidity. I’m actually in the process of sorting out a sick interview with some of the higher ups in the Barstarzz organization, so if you have any special questions you’d like me to ask, please let me know.

Steve Maze crushes 225 lb. front loaded Bulgarian split squats. This is really strong, and great form too. It is great to see people getting such great results with the single leg work.

The Citadel basketball teams gets after an early morning workout. This is a high energy group for it being so early in the morning.

40 pullups in 40 seconds. This is just nuts. Very impressive.

Chase Karnes does a brutal clean and press medley using a barbell, axle, log, and circus dumbbell. The weights get progressively heavier as he goes, and the implements go more and more unwieldy, making it even harder. Sidenote, but I REALLY want to try one of those circus dumbbells. They look like a lot of fun.

Molly Galbraith front squats 225×5 with the safety bar. Seriously strong work!

Nia Shanks squats 145×5. These are DEEP! Nice work here from Nia.

Marianne Kane gets 10 chin-ups. Marianne has been trying to break the 10 chin-up barrier for quite some time, so it’s great that she got it. The last rep isn’t pretty, but like they like to say in golf, there are no pictures on the score card. I’ll count it

Jim Laird shows an 8th grade client crushing some band resisted glute-ham raises. This is a really tough exercise, much harder than this boy makes it look. Not to mention he’s holding a band to make it even harder. I predict this kid will be an animal when he gets to high school.

Micheal Keck shares an upper body workout consisting of chin-ups decline presses (315×10!), and flies. Mike is a ridiculously strong presser, as evidenced by the 315×10 decline. Yikes!

Cortney Martin does 45 pullups for her 45th birthday. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome/impressive if you ask me!

Graham Carpio squats 250×10. Heck of an effort, and I love the song in the background.

John Meadows does lying kettlebell extensions. I much prefer this style to the traditional skull crushers. Easier on the elbows, and more effective anyway. Win win.

Julia Ladewski prepares for her powerlifting meet. Julia is a little powerhouse that lifts incredible amounts of weight for her size. Wow.

Frankie Adellia does a tough kettlebell combo exercise. I’m not really sure what to call it, but it looks darn hard.

Tom Conners shows chest supported barbell rows. Back in college I used to love these. They require the right kind of bench though, one that doesn’t have a pole in the way. I can’t do them in the gym I’m in, but if you have the right benches, these are definitely worth a try. Low back friendly, and just generally awesome.

Joe Hashey talks about how to do ab wheel rollouts correctly. I see this exercise butchered all the time, so I think this video could be very helpful if you’re currently struggling with it. This is one my favorite core exercises, but if done incorrectly, it can put the low back in a precarious position. It seems so simple, but learn how to do it right.

Elsbeth Vaino shares a neat warmup exercise for the foot. Elsbeth mentions this being a good thing to put into a warmup prior to doing single leg work. If you struggle with balance or one side feels harder than the other, give this is a try and see if it helps.

That’s all for this time. Make sure to pass it on for others to enjoy!