Good Reads: 3/31/2012

Well, another week is in the books, and that means it’s time for another edition of Good Reads. I’ve actually got a little longer list than normal this week, which is always nice. If you can’t find stuff you like on this one, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Plan to get changed into some comfy clothes because it’s gonna take a while to get through everything. Last thing before I get to the goods: if you’re interested in seeing my workout logs from this week and next week, sign up for my newsletter at the top of [...]


My Plan of Attack For the Overhead Press

As I alluded to yesterday when I gave a training update, I’d like to improve my overhead press. To me, it’s just a badass exercise, and one I wish I was better at. Unfortunately, if I train the overhead press heavy and often, my left shoulder hates me. Also, with my knee being the way it is right now, I don’t think heavy standing work would go over too well either. So I got to thinking, and I’ve started to implement a plan of attack geared towards improving my overhead press that doesn’t actually include seated overhead pressing. There are [...]


Knee/Training Update

I’ve continued to receive a bunch of questions about how I’m setting I’m training in lieu of my knee issue, so I thought I’d share that briefly. Unfortunately, my knee is still nowhere near where I’d like it to be. It’s better than it was four months ago, but still far from perfect, and far from anything resembling perfect. I had a follow-up MRI three weeks ago that shows that there still a small tear in the meniscus, so that basically sucks. The doctor doesn’t want to go back in to fix it (which I’m very happy about) because of [...]


Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 75

I’ve got another awesome compilation of training videos from the past week from around the fitness world. If you missed yesterday’s post, there’s also a few there to check out too. I’ll cut right to the chase and share the goods. Enjoy! Reverse Grip Floor Press. In the past month I’ve been trying to focus more on my pressing. I can’t barbell bench heavy without my shoulders hating me, but I’ve found several variations that I can use that feel better. One is the reverse grip floor press. This one looks awkward, and it can bother some people wrists, but [...]


“Batwing” Rows and Curls

Today I want to share Batwing Rows and Batwing Curls. I first learned about Batwings from Dan John. Coach John has had a tremendous influence on the way I coach and the way I train and I’m a huge fan of just about everything things he shares. Batwings were no different. The exercise is essentially an isometric chest supported dumbbell row hold where you focus on retracting your scapula and pulling your elbows back as hard as you can. Coach John gives a detailed description of them in this article. I’ve used Batwings quite a bit since I first learned of them, [...]


Good Fitness Reads for the Week: 3/24/2012

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is starting to get geared up for a great weekend ahead. I’m trying to do my part to help that process along by sharing some awesome fitness reads from the past week. I’m on my way out the door to attend the Boston Perform Better 1 Day Seminar today so I need to run, so rather than babble I’ll just cut right to the chase. Here are a few posts you may have missed during the week. Self-Myofascial Release for the Pecs and Shoulders More Self-Myofascial Release, and Cardio For Your Viewing [...]


End of the Week Announcements: Online Training, and New 3-Day Training Template

I just wanted to make two quick announcements heading into the weekend. 1. 2 Online Training Spots Open! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have two online training spots opening up starting next week. I wasn’t able to take on everyone that inquired last time I announced it because I’m keeping the numbers low to make sure I can give each client the attention they deserve, but I promised I’d make it known when more spots became available. If you’re interested, please send me an e-mail via the “Contact” page at the top of the screen with [...]


Random Thoughts: Self-Myofascial Release and Cardio

I have a few ostensibly random thoughts to share, so rather than break it up into separate posts, I decided a Random Thoughts post was in order. Bear with me… 1. More self-myofascial release for the pecs and biceps I made a post yesterday (read it here) showing four simple drills to loosen up the pecs and shoulders. After I posted, Thomas Deebel, a great chiropractor and super strong lifter in his own right, commented that rolling the biceps with a lacrosse ball on a glute-ham raise (GHR) bench works really well too. I had never really even thought to [...]


Self-Myofascial Release for the Pecs and Shoulders

Last week I shared some drills for self-myofascial release for the lats  that received a really good response, so I wanted to follow that up with some quick and easy things you can do for the shoulders and pecs prior to your workouts as well. I would recommend doing this stuff prior to your pressing workouts at the very least, but probably before every workout would be even better, even on lower body days. This is especially true if you’re doing any type of squatting or single leg work that requires you to put a bar on your back, as that can [...]


Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 74

I hope everyone had a nice good weekend and a happy St. Patrick’s Day. It’s time to start the new week though, and I know that can be a little tough. You know, the Mondays. I’ve done what I can to make it just a little bit better though by providing you with over 20 awesome fitness videos from the past week to get you motivated and inspired to start the week off right. Between this post and this weekend’s Good Reads post, you should be all set on fitness info for a long time. Because the list is so [...]