What We Can All Learn From My Grandmother

Today’s post will be quick, but it’s very meaningful to me and I think it may help you, too.

Last summer I shared a bit about my grandmother and her dedication to exercise and physical activity (you can read that here).

Well, it’s been almost a full year since then and she’s still going strong. Her exercise of choice is swimming by a longshot, but unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to swim as much as she’d like because first the pool was closed for over a month for maintenance, and then when she resumed, the chlorine was giving her skin problems so she’s had to lay off a bit.

That’s a big blow because she struggles with balance and has a slew of other injuries, so the pool is by far the best way to exercise for her.

When I heard the pool was closed, I felt sorry for her because I know how much she likes it and I figured that she couldn’t exercise.

Can’t, however, isn’t in her vocabulary. Since she isn’t able to swim right now, she’s walking for exercise.

Oh, did I mention she struggles with balance and needs a walker to get around? No problem.

I think most people would have taken the pool closing as an excuse to stop working out, but not her. When it comes time to go to the dining hall, she walks the long way around the building rather than taking the elevator, and she walks to the flower shop across the street every day the weather permits. If it’s bad weather, she’ll just walk up and down the halls. Her goal is to get a pedometer and log a mile a day.

The point is, she finds a way to make it happen no matter what. No excuses. No one would fault her for taking it easy, but that’s simply not an option for her because she has made exercise a priority and knows it’s in her best interest to do it.

I think we can all find some inspiration there. I know I certainly do.

Here is a picture of us at breakfast.

I’m pretty darn proud of her and think we could all stand to take a page out of her book.

Makes you think twice about those excuses you’ve been making, huh?

I hope everyone’s week is going well so far. Be sure to check out yesterday’s For Your Viewing Pleasure if you haven’t done so already.