Good Fitness Reads For the Week: 2/25/2012

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I actually don’t really have any plans, but I think that’s exactly why I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be nice.

Your weekend’s about to get a whole lot nicer too, as I’ve put together another great compilation of fitness articles from the past week.

Let’s get right to do the goods since it’s a long list as it stands.

Here are some posts you may have missed during the week.

Can vs. Can’t

Random Thoughts

Hand Care For Meatheads

Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 70

And here are some great articles. Enjoy!

Give Your Program More Pull by Yours Truly

Are Pull-Ups That Essential? by Eric Cressey

Interview with TC Luoma

The Biggest Threat to the Health Industry by Adam Bornstein

Randomness from Tony Gentilcore

Interview with Joe Dowdell

A New Way to Eat by TC Luoma

The Olympic Lifts: A Study of Compromises to Options by Dan John

Interview with Joel Jamieson

Gaining Knowledge from Reflection by Jim Kielbaso

Complexes Made Complete by John Romaniello

Interview with Dean Somerset

Off Season Training For Wrestlers by Jason Ferruggia

Roadwork 2.0: The Comeback by Joel Jamieson

Fine Tuning the Basics: Back Training by John Meadows

Pullovers by Chris Colucci

4 Things We Are Doing Wrong With Rehab by Dean Somerset

Chin-Up Progressions For Women by Tony Gentilcore

Is Static Stretching Good? by Mike Robertson

Do You Love Mondays? by Martin Rooney

Simple Stretching by Jim Wendler

Half Kneeling Cable Pullovers by Dean Somerset

The Exercise Itself Isn’t Important by Dean Somerset

What Stride Length Means and How to Improve It: Part 3 by Eric Cressey

Highly Effective Old School Back Training by Smitty Diesel

20 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Life

Understanding Regional Interdependence by Kevin Neeld

Athletic Excellence: Nature vs. Nurture by Kevin Neeld

Comprehensive Off-Ice Training by Kevin Neeld

Is the Leg Press Worthless? by Dean Somerset

Band Assisted One Arm Pushups by Shon Grosse

7 Goods Reasons to Like High Pulls by Charles Poliquin

Rotator Cuff Loading Parameters by Charles Poliquin

Stretching For Strength and Muscle Mass by Charles Poliquin

Get Numerous Health Benefits from Coffee by Charles Poliquin

Strength Train to Live Longer by Charles Poliquin

Perform Heavy Full-Range Squats to Get Faster and Quicker by Charles Poliquin

Maximize Muscle Building: Take BCAAs and Extra Protein Post Workout by Charles Poliquin

Charlie Weingroff seminar review from Patrick Ward

Are You Using the Right Tools? by Neghar Fonooni

Nutrition Triggers and Tips from Nia Shanks

Top 4 Ways You Can Look and Act Like a Weightlifter Without Actually Having to Be One by Nick Horton

Top 4 Sports Supplements Myths by Nick Tumminello

Becoming a Personal Trainer: What I Wish I Knew by Jeremy Duvall

On Second Thought by Jack McCormick

500 Rep Kettlebell Challenge from Marianne Kane

34 Quotes from Charlie Weingroff

Geeky Friday by Bojan Kostevski

Strength Coach Artimetic by Anthony Donskov

My Parents Don’t Want Me to Be a Personal Trainer by Anthony Yeung

The College Student’s Guide to Grocery Shopping by Jordan Syatt

Chicken and Avocado Salad by Jeremy DuVall

Standing Rollout to Wall by Stevo Reed

Muscle Confusion: Legit or Nonsense Term? by Sarah Walls

Paleo Diet Thoughts from Kelsey Reed

Some of My Awesome Clients by Kevin Carr

Weakness Identification by Andrew McGunagle

How You Should Really Read Nutritional Labels by David Lasnier

Monday Moment of Zen by Nick Horton

Weightlifting Academy Episode 2

Roles of the Coach from A to Z by Cortney Martin

Under the Microscope by Kellie Hart Davis

Make Your Training Much More Effective by Matt Siniscalchi

Lateral Movements: The Missing Piece by Eirik Forlie

Lateral Movements Part 2 by Eirik Forlie

That’s a wrap for this week. Hope you enjoyed the list. Please remember to pass this along for others to see, and please also sign up for my free newsletter to stay in the loop.

Have a great weekend.