Good Reads For the Week: 1/14/2012

This week’s Good Reads is one of the longest and best lists in a long time. Similarly, I’ve been compiling videos for next week’s For Your Viewing pleasure and I’m almost at my limit already. It’s great to see an influx of great stuff. Since the list is so long, I’ll cut this short and get right to the articles, but not without first reminding you to sign up for my newsletter to the right. I’ll be doing another live Q+A for my newsletter subscribers soon so make sure you’re on the list so I can let you know when [...]


End of the Week Inspiration from Brock Mealer

Sometimes it’s easy for us (me anyway) to get into those moods where you start feeling a little sorry for yourself. I’ve found myself doing it at times since I’ve been down with my knee injury, but it’s not always just injuries that get people into that sort of mindset. Sometimes it’s work troubles, relationship drama, etc. etc. etc. When things don’t go as planned, it’s easy to blame others and make excuses for why things aren’t working out for you. It’s normal, and we all do it from time to time, but it’s toxic and it does nothing but [...]


Knee Update

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions and well wishes regarding my knee and my rehab, so I thought I’d make a quick post to check in and let everyone know what’s been going on. I’ll be honest, it’s been frustrating. They had to do more work than expected during the surgery, and more work means a more extensive rehab. I was thinking it was going to be one of those deals where I had it done and was back on my feet with life back to normal in a few weeks, which clearly hasn’t been the case. The good [...]


The Front Squat vs. Back Squat Debate: Part 1

Jim Reeves, wrote an excellent article comparing the front squat and the back squat for in response to a forum thread that really took off and got a lot of great discussion. He really went above and beyond in the article, so much so that we decided to make it free to everyone so we can share it. It is quite long so it’ll be released in four installments over the coming weeks. Here is the first part. Jim is a Certified Athletic Therapist and S&C coach at Mind to Muscle in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. S&C coach for the [...]


Exercises You’ve Never Tried Before: Hamstring and Glute Edition

I had an article go up today on T-Nation called Exercises You’ve Never Tried Before: Hamstring and Glute Edition. Any guesses what it’s about? First one to guess correctly gets a massive internet high-five. Anyway, check it out HERE and please give me any feedback you might have. Which one is your favorite? For more awesome videos, be sure to check out my For Your Viewing Pleasure post from yesterday with over 20 awesome training videos (lots of great glutes in that one too), and you can also subscribe to my You Tube channel, as I’m always updating that with new [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 64

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did. My knee is improving—albeit VERY slowly—so that makes me really happy. I’ve been able to get back to coaching a little bit and can walk a little better. I still have a long ways to go, and I can’t exercise on it or stand for very long without it swelling, but as long as it’s moving the right direction, I’m thankful. Some of you have expressed interest in me talking about what I’m doing for rehab, so I’ll probably get into that at some point. Moving forward, I know I normally [...]


Good Reads For the Week: 1/7/2012

I hope everyone had a good week and is gearing up for a great weekend ahead. I hope to add to it by giving you another great list of fitness reads for you to peruse at your leisure. It’s a great bunch, so I think you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot…I did. I also want to announce that I’ll be doing a live question/answer for all my newsletter subscribers on Sunday (January 8th) at 5pm EST. Originally I was going to do it today but several people contacted me that Sunday works better, so that’s fine. It will run [...]


Cool Modification For Single Leg RDLs

When I first tried single leg RDL’s I wasn’t a big fan. I couldn’t get a hang for the balance and I felt like it was better served as a warm-up drill than a viable way to build strength. I decided to stick instead with things like glute-ham raises, stability ball leg curls, and other things like that. While I still love those exercises, I realized that I was honing in more on the knee flexion component of the hamstrings and was neglecting hip extension, which is extremely important. As such, I decided to give single leg RDL’s another rip. [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 63

I took a one week hiatus from my usual For Your Viewing Pleasure posts to present the 2011 Bruno Video Awards, but I’m back on track now with another great compilation of videos. I didn’t include any of my own this time, but I actually did upload a few new ones that you can check out on my You Tube page (remember to subscribe!). I’ve got to run off to physical therapy (more on that later), so I’ll cut the chit-chat short and get right to the goods. Enjoy! […]



This being my first blog post of 2012 (oh man I just wrote 2011 at first; it’s gonna take me until at least March before I start writing that), I figured I’d write a little bit about goals and goal setting. A few days ago, Adam Bornstein, editor at (@BornFitness if you want to follow him, which you should), posed an interesting question: POLL: do you write down your new year's resolutions? 1 = yes, 2 = no (bonus: why?) I didn’t answer at the time, but it really got me thinking. If I had to, I’d answer 2. [...]