For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 67

I hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready to get back to the grind.

I know sometimes it can be hard to get back in the groove on Monday, so I’m hoping to make the transition a little easier by giving you some great training videos to watch to get you motivated to attack the gym. This is the longest list in quite some time—almost 30 videos in all—so I’ll get right to it.

I didn’t include any of my own, but I did upload some new ones this week so please remember to subscribe to my You Tube page to check those out.

Between this post and this weekend’s Good Reads (check it out if you haven’t yet), you should have enough fitness info to last the rest of the week.

One last thing. I just posed a question on my Facebook fitness page asking what you do for your post-workout nutrition. I’d appreciate your response. I hope to get a lot of participation so we can all see different ideas, and at the end of it I’ll give my take and say what I do. The question is here.

Ok, now for the videos. Sit back and enjoy and prepare to learn and be motivated. I know that ain’t always easy, espeically on a Monday.

Donnell Boucher shows his football guys doing a 3 way tug of war. This looks like a ton of fun. I love the energy. I’ve always wanted to try a 3 way…tug of war.

Josh Gilbert of Average Broz Gym squats 407 pounds at 142 pounds bodyweight, 18 years old. Holy moly that’s strong.

Graham Carpio shows a single arm ring dip/fly combo. This looks freakin cool. Very tough. Nice stuff from Graham.

Mike Reinold shows the kneeling hip thrust. This is an awesome idea as a regression for those who aren’t ready for a full hip thrust yet. I really like this. Good thinking from Mike. He has a great post about this exercise here.

Marianne Kane does deficit deadlifts. I’m generally not a fan of this exercise for most people because I rarely see them done well, but this is an exception. Marianne keeps great form on a very difficult exercise and makes it look easy.

Molly Galbraith nails does deficit deads as well. If you just saw these two ladies and nothing else you’d assume this is an easy exercise. As someone who has done them though, I’ll say right now that they aren’t. Most people will struggle to keep a flat back, but these impressive ladies don’t.

Jen Grasso pulls a sled through the sand. This is an awesome idea, and something I wish I could do. This is one of those times I wish I lived in a warmer climate. I bet these are brutal, but fun since you’re right by the ocean. I love the ocean.

Bret Contreras shows paused hip thrusters. This is my preferred way of doing this exercise because I find the pause helps me feel my glutes more, but I don’t normally pause quite as long. Great work from Bret with heavy weights.

Frankie Addelia shows a TRX partner press. This looks very difficult. Just make sure not to sneak a peek down your partner’s shorts!

Frankie Addelia shows a negative muscle-up to help you learn how to do. This is a really tough exercise (I can’t really do them myself) so this could be a good progression to work up to it.

Zach Moore squats 235 with the SSB like nothing. Ain’t nothing but a peanut! Strong work here from Zach, with great form to boot.

Jen Sinkler front squats her bodyweight for 18 reps. Jen had a cool contest going this week to see how many times people could front squat their bodyweight, and there were lots of great entries. This is awesome.

Dave Dellanave gets 18 reps with his bodyweight, 200 pounds. Any contest involving strength-weight ratio is harder for heavier people, so Dave’s performance is all the more impressive.

JC Deen gets 15 reps with his bodyweight. Again, nice work!

Roger Lawson gets 15 reps with 210. These are some purty front squats too!

Fawn Friday front squats her bodyweight for 25 reps! Great form too! Wow.

Molly Galbraith front squats her bodyweight for 18 reps.

Jaime Rodriguez front squats 185 pounds (his bodyweight) for 25 reps. That’s some serious strength and guts right there!

Brian Tabor gets 26 reps. Nice!

Melody Schoenfeld knocks out front squats with her bodyweight as well. This is awesome because Melody had not done much front squatting prior to this contest but gave it a rip anyway. Gotta love that. For not having done them much, she’s darn good.

Joey Taraborelli gets 13 reps. These were some impressive performances.

Anthony Donskov discusses how he goes about choosing exercises for large group training. This is really good stuff. As someone who does more group training, I can attest to the differences between group training and personal training when it comes to exercise selection, and this video gives you some good rules to go by.

Chase Karnes does some strongman training. Dude’s a beast!

Max Shank shows turfski’s. This looks fun, and I included just because I think it’s important to have a good time in the gym. Doesn’t all have to be serious all the time.

Elsbeth Vaino shows a bottoms-up kettlebell walk. I’ve actually tried these before and they are extremely tough even with light weights. Good stuff.

Zach Moore shares a good cue for teaching the hip hinge.

Yikes, told you this was a long one. Please remember to share it with your friends, and have a great week!