For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 67

I hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready to get back to the grind. I know sometimes it can be hard to get back in the groove on Monday, so I’m hoping to make the transition a little easier by giving you some great training videos to watch to get you motivated to attack the gym. This is the longest list in quite some time—almost 30 videos in all—so I’ll get right to it. I didn’t include any of my own, but I did upload some new ones this week so please remember to subscribe to my [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 1/28/2012

Well, it’s the weekend. When I woke up this morning, something just didn’t feel right, and after mulling it over I figured out what it is. It’s the first weekend since August with no football. Doh! I can’t wait to watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl next weekend, but reality is setting over that football season is almost over. Doh! Once that sad reality set in, I felt like this kid. On a brighter note, I’ve put together another awesome list of fitness reads for you to peruse. Before I share them, I want to ask that you please [...]


Goal Setting Question

Earlier in the week, I posed a simple question: What is the biggest thing holding you back from your fitness goals? I got a lot of great responses. I don’t mean “great” in the sense that they were good, because frankly, it was a lot of excuses, but great in the sense that it really got me thinking, and I hope it did the same for you. It’s hard to look at where we’re falling short, but it’s so important. So today I want to ask a follow-up question: What are two tangible steps you can take to overcome the [...]


The Front Squat vs. Back Squat Debate: Part 3

This is Part 3 of four-part guest blog from Jim Reeves that he originally wrote for It ended up being extremely detailed and well thought-out, so I wanted to share it with everybody. The first two parts have generated some great discussion, so I hope it continues. Now I'll turn it over to Jim. Part 3: The comparison continued In the previous articles (Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here) we looked at the images of an athlete performing both the front and back squats and then broke down the movements of specific joints and body parts [...]


What’s Holding You Back?

Today’s post is short and sweet, but it’s really meant to get you thinking. It also requires your participation. I just posed a question on my new Facebook fitness page that I’d like you to answer, preferably on the page so everyone can see it, but you can also answer in the comments below if you’d rather do that. Here’s the question: What is the biggest thing holding you back from your fitness goals? This can be training and/nutrition related. Think hard and be honest with yourself. That’s it. You can answer here. Also, if you missed yesterday’s For Your [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 66

I have an awesome compilation of training videos this week for you, but before I get into it, I have a few announcements. 1. I started a new fitness page on Facebook that I hope can morph into something cool where we can share and exchange ideas on the regular. For that to work though, I need you to join me by giving it a “like.” Please help me out and share the page with your friends so we can grow it into something special. Go HERE. Thanks! 2. While you’re at it, please follow me on Twittter @benbruno1. 3. [...]


Good Reads For the Week: 1/21/2012

I hope everyone had an awesome week. I did. I’m still really frustrated about my knee, but I feel like a good support system in place and slowly but surely, it’s getting better. I find myself getting down at times, but for the most part, I’m just doing my best to fight and get back to full strength asap. It’s no use feeling sorry for yourself anyway, so I’m just making the best of it and doing what I can. Speaking of which, I’ve done a ton of reading this week, and lucky for you, I’ve compiled it all together [...]


Modified Reverse Hypers

Earlier this week, I wrote a guest blog post for Mike Robertson where I showed a modified reverse hyper exercise that I’ve been playing around with while I try to find ways to train around my knee injury. For those of you who didn’t read the post, here is what the exercise looks like. I’ve been doing these quite a bit, and I really like them. I go into a lot more detail in the guest post so I suggest you give it a read, but basically, it’s a good way to train the hip extensors that’s both knee and [...]


The Front Squat vs. Back Squat Debate: Part 2

This is Part 2 of four-part guest blog from Jim Reeves that he originally wrote for It ended up being extremely detailed and well thought-out, so I wanted to share it with everybody. Part 1 received quite a bit of positive feedback already, so if you missed that, give it a quick read first. With that, I’ll turn it over to Jim. […]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 65

I hope you all had a good weekend. As a football fan, and more specifically a Patriots fan, I certainly did. It was great to see them beat up on the Broncos on their way to the AFC Championship game this coming weekend. Can’t wait! Anyway, moving along, I put together another video compilation for you to kickstart the week with a bang. I said last week I’d limit these posts to 20, but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t do it because there was just too much good stuff. I actually wanted to wait til midweek [...]