Christmas Stocking Stuffers

On Monday, I made about talking about how my mom is handling Christmas shopping this year. I think what she’s doing is awesome and should make all of us think. That being said, I understand that for most people, gifts are a big part of Christmas, and it can be really hard to think of good gifts to get for others. What’s more, if you’re like me, it can be really hard to think of things to ask for. I’ve screwed myself out of many a present by not having anything to say when people asked me what I wanted. [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 61

I’ve got another great compilation of awesome training videos from the past week for you today, but before I get there, I have a quick favor for you. I’m making a late long to hit 1,000 followers on Twitter by the New Year, and I need about 50 more, so if you don’t follow me already, please do so HERE at @benbruno1. Thanks…only about a trillion more and I’ll pass Lady Gaga! Now let’s get right to the videos. I didn’t include any of my own this time since the list is so long already, but even though I’m not training [...]


The Real Meaning of Christmas?

I want to first thank all of you that have continued to send me positive thoughts and well wishes regarding my recent knee surgery. It isn’t going as well as I hoped/expected it would, but it’s still early in the process and I just have to stay positive and be patient and let nature take its course. All I can do at this point is make the best of it. Changing the topic to something a little cheerier, I want to talk about Christmas, and more specifically, Christmas presents. It’s that time of year when everyone wants to know what [...]


Good Reads For the Week: 12/10/2011

Well, I had the surgery yesterday. The procedure went ok and I’m back home resting and icing. It hurts like hell and I can’t walk, but that’s to be expected considering it hasn’t even been 24 hours. I’m allowed to take the bandage off tomorrow morning, so I’m curious to see what it looks like and see what I’m working with. It’s very frustrating, but like any adversity, you deal with it, make the best of it, and try to come out of it stronger. I have a lot more to say about it, but I don’t really feel like [...]


End of the Week Random Thoughts

It's been a little while since I've done a Random Thoughts, so I figure now is as good a time as any. Some are good, one is, well, not so good. 1. I’ve received a whole bunch of awesome feedback already regarding the post I made yesterday asking people to test their inverted rows and pushups. I want to thank those of you who have written to me already and urge those of you who haven’t yet to please do so. The more data I can get, the better the results will be. I also understand that it’s not the [...]


How Strong Is Your Upper Back? Feedback/Help Wanted

I’ve talked extensively on this blog and in my articles about the importance of upper back strength. Trouble is, it’s sort of hard to quantify exactly what a strong upper back is. In the past some coaches have suggested that you should be able to chin-up as much as you can bench, meaning if you’re a 200 pound guy that benches 250, you should be able to knock out a chin-up with 50 pounds of added loaded. The problem with this comparison is that I’m not so sure bench presses and chin-ups are the best comparison because 1) they occur [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 60

I hope everyone’s week has started off well. Here are 16 awesome training videos to educate and inspire you. Before I share them though, I just want to remind you to check out Dean Somerset’s new Post Rehab Essentials videos. They’re on sale until Friday before the price goes up, so now’s the time to buy. You can read what I wrote it in yesterday’s post. Now for the videos. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Alternating 1 Leg Eccentric Stability Ball Leg Curls. This is my favorite ball leg curl variation. With pure single leg curls, I find the ball [...]


Post Rehab Essentials

One of the areas I’m attempting to improve upon most as a coach is rehab and corrective exercise. It’s always been something of huge interest to me ever since starting out as a coach. I actually got involved in strength and conditioning in the first place after undergoing a rough rehab process after my back surgery and trying to learn as much as I could about it in hopes of getting myself better. And not a day goes by that I don’t deal with at least a handful (usually more) athletes and adults that have some sort of limitation based on a [...]


Good Reads For the Week: 12/3/2011

I hope everyone had a good week. It’s about to get a little better because I’ve got another great compilation of awesome fitness reads from the past week. I’ve got to run so I’ll just get right to the list. Here are some posts you may have missed during the week. Post Rehab Essentials Cool Single Leg RDL Variation For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 59 New Happenings on And now for the best of the rest. […]


Cool Single Leg RDL Variation

A few weeks ago I shared the split stance RDL, and I have received quite a few messages from people that have tried it and liked it. With that in mind, I wanted to share a similar but slightly different variation that I have also been using recently, and liking quite a bit. As is typical with me, I can never think of cool names for anything so I go with the cop out boring names. I call this Eccentric 1 Leg RDLs. Like the split stance RDL, it’s sort of a hybrid between a true single leg RDL and [...]