Good Reads For the Week: New Year’s Edition 2011

This will be the last Good Reads of 2011. It’s been a great year, and I want to thank all of you that come to this site every day or week and read what I’m writing. You all are the reason I can justify putting as much time as I do (i.e. a lot) into this.

Moving forward into 2012, please let me know if there’s anything special you’d like to see that I’m not doing already. I’m open to suggestions, and I try my best to appease what you’re looking for.

As for the Good Reads, it’s another great list. It’s not as long as normal because a lot of the posts I read this week were variations of “My Top 10 [Fill in the blank] from 2011.” No offense to those types of posts, but I don’t find them particularly interesting, so I left those out.

Here are some of my posts you may have missed during the week.

Cool Total Body Exercise: Lumbarjack Reverse Lunge/Press Combo

2011 Video Awards

2011 Blog/Website Awards

And here is a new article I had go up on T-Nation.

Troubleshooting the Front Squat by Yours Truly

Now for the best of the rest, New Year’s style.

Mike Reinold’s newsletter. To access this, go to his homepage and sign up in the upper right hand corner (make sure you do the same on this site too!). When you do, you’ll get access to three free reports which are really good. Two of them are about the knee, so I read them last night, and I found them to be excellent. Plus, you can’t beat free.

10 Rules of Healthy Living by Adam Bornstein

Interview With Dan John

4 Reasons Everyone Should Squat With Chains by Mike Robertson

Keeping the Goal the Goal by Danny Sawaya

Easy Strength For All Ages by Andrew Read

I Was The Problem by Dan John

Cool Revamped Website from Jim Kielbaso

Understanding Fatigue by Kevin Neeld

Combating Fatigue by Kevin Neeld

172 Rock Songs to Train To by Jason Ferruggia

Explosive Training and Why the Older Client Should Be Doing It by Sam Leahey

Cheat Day Triage by Sirena Bernal

Thoughts About Cholesterol from John Meadows

Cleans and Snatches Made Easier by Lee Boyce

Is Juicing Worth It? by Tony Gentilcore

Best Sandbag Glute Workshops by Bret Contreras

747 Back Workout Protocols

Walkin Like a Monster by Harold Gibbons

One Shrug to Rule Them All by Anthony Mychal

Make Your Routine Less Routine

The 50 most brilliant, obnoxious, or delightfully sociopathic Facebook posts of 2011 (Not fitness-related, but very funny).

My Fitness Bucket List by Rhys Ingram

Success Is a Knot by Kyle Newell

Ok, that’s it for 2011. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Please give any suggestions you have below, and please sign up for my free newsletter in the upper right. I am going to be a few fun things with my subscribers in the coming year (starting with a Twitter Q+A sometime in the next week) so don’t miss out on that.

Happy New Year!