2011 Video Awards

Yesterday I introduced the inaugural “Bruno Blog Awards” given to the blogs and websites that I like and read the most. For the most, it was very well received, so I’m going to go ahead and do the “Bruno Video Awards.” I’m telling you, in time, this is going to big.

I mean seriously, what would rather have: a Bruno or a Grammy? Bruno sounds wayyy cooler. See my point? EPIC.

With further ado, I bring to the 2011 Bruno’s. Get out your best clothes, stand on a red carpet, and prepare to be bedazzled. You can click on the people’s names to subscribe to their You Tube channels.

1. Girls Gone Strong

GGS is a great group of women dedicated to spreading the message to women that “strong is sexy.” They don’t only preach it, they live it, and their videos are proof of that. Check out each of the amazing ladies that comprise the group.

Neghar Fonooni

Jen Comas Keck

Molly Galbraith

Marianne Kane

Alli McKee

Julia Ladewski

Nia Shanks

2. James “Smitty Diesel” Smith

I love Smitty’s creativity. I have learned a lot of good stuff from his videos and they have sparked me to investigate certain things further and create my own things.

3. Barstarzz

I absolutely bodyweight training, and when it comes to bodyweight training, it doesn’t get much better than this. My jaw drops very time I watch this stuff.

4. Ross Enamait

Ross does not come out with videos as often as the others on this list, but when he does, they are always awesome. He’s incredibly strong and has a lot of innovative ideas. For those of you that train in your homes, he also has a lot of “do-it-yourself” equipment ideas to save you some dough.

5. Nick Tumminello

Nick is another really creative guy that has given me a lot of great ideas. Sometimes he creates new things entirely while other times he thinks of simple ways to make existing methods even better.

6. Michael Keck

Mike is a tank. I love his videos because while he’s always slinging around really heavy weights, he’s always using really good form. That’s a killer combo.

7. Joe Defranco

Joe’s videos are great because I learn something and get super motivated at the same time. It’s hard to watch his stuff and not want to run off to the gym right away.

8. Zach Even Esh

Zach has a great channels because he pumps out a ton of videos every week, so it’s always fresh. I like it too because it’s not just exercise clips like a lot of channels; he tries to speak and teach as well, which is nice. You can really sense the passion he has for coaching and making his athletes better both in the gym and in life.

9. Martin Rooney

Martin travels a lot and shares ideas he picks up from all over the world. It’s really cool to see the different ways of training, and Martin also shows a lot of his own creative ideas. He’s an animal himself and I love when he includes his own training clips.

10. Beast Skills

Jim Bathurst has a great channel. He is one of strongest people I’ve ever seen, which is just fun to watch, but he also does a great job of teaching. It’s all really advanced stuff, he gives progressions for all ability levels.

That wraps up the awards. I did not include myself on the list, but I’d like to think I have a pretty good channel too, which you can check out HERE.

What are your favorites? I’d love to know below.

Remember, this is just meant to be fun. A few people took issue to my selections yesterday, and truth be told, there are plenty of good things that got left of the list. Try not to take this too seriously.

Have a great day!