Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to make a quick post and thank all of you that have been loyal supporters of my site. Whether it’s just coming to read, leaving comments, signing up for my free newsletter (hint, hint if you don’t already), or sending me e-mails and messages, it all means a lot. I love writing and sharing ideas, but without your support, I couldn’t justify putting in the considerable time I do into making the site what it is, so without y’all (I’m in Florida right now and really digging the whole Southern thing), none of it would happen. I take a lot of pride in what I do, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to receive messages from people halfway around the world saying I’ve helped them in various ways or that they appreciate my work. I’m rambling, so I’ll just cap it there and say thanks and that I look forward to growing the community here moving forward.

I do have a request for all of you today though. I ask that do at least one random and anonymous act of kindness for someone you don’t know, and I ask that you tell at least one person that you care about how much they mean to you. It may be a little contrived, and may seem cheesy, but I think we can all agree that most of us don’t do either of those things as much as we probably should.

With that, I leave you with my favorite Thanksgiving song from Adam Sandler (fellow New Hampshire native, btw!).