Good Reads for the Week: 11/26/2011

In spite of Thanksgiving and all the ensuing festivities, there were still a bunch of awesome fitness reads this week. I’m posting this during halftime of the Bama-Auburn game (I’m hoping for a LSU-Bama rematch for the National Championship) so rather than babble I’m just get right into it.

Here are a few posts you may have missed during the week.

Single Leg Squat Stand

Work the Entire Back Side of the Body at Once

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 58

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

And now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

Struggling to Gain Weight? Supplement With Iron! by Mike Boyle

How to Fit Core Stability Exercises Into Strength and Conditioning Programs Part 1 by Eric Cressey

How to Fit Core Stability Exercises Into Strength and Conditioning Programs Part 1 by Eric Cressey

John Berardi’s Fasting Experiment by Bryan Krahn

Hip Thrust Testimonial: High School Football

ACL Rehab for Personal Trainers and Average Joes

101 Fitness Business Tips by Pat Rigsby

My Training: Body, Mind, and Self Control by Jen Comas Keck

Let Us Be Thankful For… by Emily Socolinsky

Using Soft Tissue Therapy to Enhance Stress Resistance by Patrick Ward

The Road to a National Championship from a Physical Preparation Perspective by Jamie Smith

Fly-Aways For 7 Days of Pec Pain by TC Luoma

800 Pound Abs? by Mike Robertson

Intermittent Fasting 101 by John Romaniello

How to Have an Awesome Deadlift Workout by Nia Shanks

Should You Take a Layoff With Training On Occasion? by John Meadows

The End of Group Training by Joel Jamieson (Free Report)

The Five Pillars of Successful Dieting by Shelby Starnes

Time to Up Your Pullups by Mike Guadango

Fat Loss 4 Workout Protocol by Nick Tumminello

Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen by Elsbeth Vaino

Perfect Pulling Exercises For a Bigger Back by John Gaglione

Adding Life to Our Years by John Izzo

When People Don’t Understand What You Do by John Izzo

Trainees Don’t Know How to Learn by Jon Goodman

Strong, Slow and Useless by Zach Even Esh

Please Hold by Juliet Gotthardt

Don’t Let Consumerism Get the Best of You by Kellie Hart Davis

Back Workout from Smitty Diesel

Your Weightroom is Set Up Wrong by Nick Tumminello

Stop Hating on Formal Education by Jon Goodman

The Skinny on Preventing Holiday Weight Gain by Jordan Syatt

Right Bicep Bigger Than Left? by Joe Meglio

Overhead Pressing, Dips, and Benching for Baseball? by Joe Meglio

30 Things I Want to Share by Sarah Walls

Money Lifts by TJ Nielsen

Bad Day At the Office by Marianne Kane

Build More Muscle In Your High School Weight Room by Rick Daman

The Need to Train Heavy While Dieting by Kyle Newell

Don’t Get Trapped by Harold Gibbons

Look Badass, Play Badass by Anthony Mychal

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Have a great weekend!