For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 59

I’ve got a great compilation of training videos from the past week that I think you’ll really like (I do anyways). Before you start making your through though, first make sure to check out my post yesterday about, as well as the Good Reads from the weekend.

I’m in the process of uploading a whole bunch of older videos, so bear with me on that. You can subscribe to my You Tube page to stay updated on that (button is to the right of this page).

Now for the videos. They really speak for themselves so I don’t need to say much. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Single Leg Pullup-Inverted Row-Hip Thruster Combo. Last week I showed the bilateral version of this exercise, so here is the unilateral version to try once you have mastered that. This is really tough and feels GREAT. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Shoulder and feet elevated hip thrusters. Before you do the exercise above, make sure that you have mastered this version with a shorter bench for the feet (which means a shorter range of motion) and no pullup/row component. This is also an awesome exercise.

Bodyweight awesomeness. I freakin love this stuff and I wish I was able to do more of it. I have no clue how they can do this stuff…just incredible.

Molly Galbraith front squats 160×5 with the safety bar. I love this exercise, and Molly does a great job with it.

Rob Adell does a 462 pound front squat at 20 years old. Yikes!

Pat Mendes does a heavy snatch in slow motion. This is really cool to watch someone so strong break it down in slow motion so you can really see what’s going on.

Joe Sansalone does a Turkish getup with 48 kg, plus a 20 lb weighted vest. That’s just crazy!

Michael Keck squats 585 for an all time PR. More ridiculously strong stuff from Mike. When someone as strong as he is sets a PR, it’s a big deal. Congrats!

Jim Laird deadlifts 450 pounds plus 200 pounds of chains. Big time strength right here.

Chase Karnes squats 455 with ease. Ain’t nothing but a peanut.

Kelsey Reed does a chinup with 45 pounds added. Nice. Easy money!

Elsbeth Vaino does split squats with 175 pounds. Very strong work here from Elsbeth.

Jim Laird shows a client doing a brutal core exercise. I had never seen this before, and I’ve never tried it, but it looks brutal.

Elsbeth Vaino shows the cable push-pull. This is an awesome anti-rotation core exercise. Once you get comfortable doing it this way, you can also make it dynamic and use some “oomph.”

Doug Balzarini does a cool climb on the swings. This sort of stuff is not only a good workout, it’s also fun. I wish I did more training outside. I need to get on that when the weather gets nice…in about six months!

Dan Gableman shows how to use a tennis ball to roll the hip rotators. This is much more effective than the foam roller for this particular area of the body. You can also use a lacrosse ball if you need more pressure, but I’m still at the tennis ball because that’s all I can take right now (I’m a wimp). Dan has a bunch of great exercise descriptions so be sure to subscribe to his channel.

Joe Bonyai shows some tennis shoulder prevention exercises. Try some of these drills to help ward off shoulder issues.

TRX saves Christmas? Haha, this is some funny stuff.

To finish up, last but not least, please NEVER do these. I hope I don’t need to explain myself.

I don’t think I can top that last one so I’ll end there.

Hope you’re all getting back into the swing of things after the Thanksgiving break. Have a great day!