Good Reads for the Week: 10/29/2011

I’m posting this week’s Good Reads compilation because I’m not going to be around tomorrow and didn’t want to leave you hanging. It’s an awesome list, so you won’t be disappointed.

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With that out of the way, let’s begin. Here are some posts you may have missed.

Deload Week and Training Highlights

Random Thoughts: Help Wanted, and Squats

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 54

Interview with Eric Cressey

And now for the best of the rest.

My Battle With Disordered Eating by Nia Shanks

Strong and Useless by Zach Even Esh

A Guide to Pullups by Marianne Kane

Dave Tate talks about triceps

How to Squat Deeper by Joe Meglio

Blood and Chalk- Volume 11 by Jim Wendler

The Importance of Hip Flexion Strength by Chris Johnson

Single Leg Deadlifts by Bret Contreras

Why You Should Take Systemic Enzymes by Jason Ferruggia

Is Strength and Muscle Loss Reversible in Older Adults? by Michael Stare

Jim Laird interviews Neghar Fonooni

Excuses 101 by Ana Tocco

Lessons from the YMCA by Todd Bumgardner

There are some things more important… by Dan John

Lessons from Dan John by Mark Fisher

Why I Should Be a Failure by Nate Green

Interview with Jen Comas Keck

Cardio for Meatheads by Joe Giandonato

Top Five Pressing Issues by Charles Poliquin

7 Habits for Highly Effective Training by Kellie Davis

What You Need to Know About Training to be an Athlete by Anthony Mychal

The Truth on Genetics and Athletes by Jim Wendler

How Will You Leave Your Mark? by Martin Rooney

Stronger Than An Idiot by Zach Even Esh

Three Things That Will Save Your Business by Dave Tate

Strategies for Improving Grip Strength by Tony Gentilcore

Building a Personal Training Franchise: Lessons You Can Apply by Pat Rigsby

7 Ways to Get Stronger Now by Eric Cressey

Lower Body Machines by Charles Poliquin

Sandbags for Strength by Matt Palfrey

Upper Body Machines by Charles Poliquin

Interview with Chase Karnes

Drink Up by Joe Giandonato

Muscle Specific Hypertrophy: Biceps, Back, and Lower Body by Menno Heselmans

Interview with Jean Fry

Set the Bar High by Dean Somerset

When You Get Injured You Know You Did Something Wrong by Eirik Sandvik

Managing Your Mitochondria: Nutrients and Supplements by Mark Sisson

How Does It Feel to Know Your Fitness Career Involves a Gyrating Appendage? By Lee Boyce

How to Jerk by Nick Horton

The Law of Accelerating Returns by Nick Horton

TRX-Kettlebell Complex from Nick Tumminello

What Bob Ross Can Teach You About Coaching Clients by John Izzo

Weightlifting versus Powerlifting by Allen Hedrick

Some Shoulder Mobility Correctives by Matt Siniscalchi

Super Shakes for Optimal Weight Gain by Matt Siniscalchi

Judging My Own People by Harold Gibbons

Training for Intermediates by John Meadows

Eating Pizza BSP Style by Brian St. Pierre

The Other 23 Hours by Rich Mejias

That’s all for this week. That should keep you busy for awhile. Until next time, take care, and please remember to sign up for the free newsletter.