For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 54

Ok I’ve got a great compilation of training videos from the past week, but before we go there, a few brief announcements.

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Ok, now for the videos of the week. Let’s do it.

I thought about saving this first one for last, but it was just too good. Allison McWeeny deadlifts 171 pounds at 125 pounds bodyweight. Watch this video closely. Unbelievable. Talk about inspirational.

Nia Shanks does weighted chins with 25 lbs for 5 reps. I have a soft spot any time I see weighted chins done well. I just think it’s freakin awesome. Nia uses great form here with a lot of weight…can’t beat that.

Neghar Fonooni does a bent press with 32kg. This is just nutty. Remember that this is over half of her bodyweight. Holy moly.

Anthony Renna visits Todd Giorgi for the new episode of Strength Coach TV. I think it’s cool to see all sorts of different facilities to compare and contrast. Good stuff.

Nia Shanks deadlifts 255 lbs for 2 reps. Strong work and great form.

Rob Adell front squats 440 lbs at 20 years old. This doesn’t even look hard. Wow.

Chase Karnes deadlifts 610 lbs, more than 3 times his bodyweight. Super strong work from Chase here. Nice!

Molly Galbraith does RDL’s with 225 pounds for 6 reps. That’s one strong booty right there.

Jen Grasso rack pulls 225 lbs for 8 reps. This didn’t even look hard. That’s some serious strength right there.

Julia Ladewski benches 135 lbs for 12 reps with Fat Gripz. Awesome!

Bret Contreras shows a single leg abducted deadlift. I have yet to this exercise, but it looks like a way to provide a little more stability for single leg RDLs. Interesting idea and something I’ll definitely try myself soon.

Nia Shanks does weighted back raises with a 65 lb dumbbell. This takes a tremendous amount of posterior chain strength. I think it’s safe to say we can call Nia a tightass (that’s a compliment).

Chase Karnes front squats 405. Light weight baby!

Elsbeth Vaino shows a bent knee TRX fallout. This looks like a good regression for full fallouts for people that are not strong enough to do them properly and feel them in the low back rather than the abs.

Jen Grasso squats 140 lbs for 6 reps with great form. Good stuff all around.

Nia Shanks films a lower body workout consisting of squats, single leg back raises, and pistol squats. I love the exercises, and Nia performs them very well. Good stuff.

Mike Bruce deadlifts 585 lbs for 3 reps. Yikes that is strong.

Joe Hashey shows a brutal leg circuit using the Bulgarian bag. My legs are burning just from watching this one.

Tug Toner. Better than the Shake Weight? I can’t decide. I think I need one of each.

It’ll be hard to top that, so I’ll just end there. Please remember to “like” this post and pass it on for others to enjoy.