Good Reads for the Week

This has been a packed week for me with a lot of learning thrown into the mix. On Thursday I went into Boston to watch Sue Falsone give a lecture, and yesterday I drove down to Connecticut for an awesome seminar with Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey, Pat Rigsby, BJ Gaddour, Ryan Ketchum, Dave Schmitz, and more. It’s been a great week, but I’m looking forward to taking it a little easy today before going back to the grind mañana.

 In other news, Friday marked the first official day of fall, and I’m definitely happy about that. Fall is my favorite season. The weather is prime—not too hot, not too cold—and you’ve got football. I care mostly about the football part, but the weather is nice too.

 It’s been a little over a week with the new site, and so far, everything seems to be going well. If you have any feedback on things I should change, let me know because I’m trying to work out the kinks. My feelings won’t be hurt. Along those lines, if you subscribed to my old site or had me on your blogroll, please change the web address. I actually forgot to do that myself on Facebook and Twitter, so I imagine some of you may have too. Also, please remember to sign up for my newsletter to the right.

 Anywho, I’ve put together another great list of fitness articles from the past week, so let’s check em out. First off, be sure to check out my most recent article on T-Nation called Bulgarian Split Squats.

Now here are a few posts you may have missed during the week.

A few words on exercise variety

 What My Current Training Looks Like

 For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 49

 Get a Leg Up

 And now for the rest of the list. Like I said before, it’s a real doozy, so you may need to take it in chunks. Enjoy!

 Strong is the new black by Emily Socolinsky. I really liked this one.

 Titin and Myotilin Comin Through in the Stretch by Bret Contreras

 Waking Up Heroic by Nate Green

Lee Boyce gives red flags to look for with personal trainers

 The Single Leg RDL by Bret Contreras

 Rethinking the Right Number of Reps by TC Luoma

 Personal Training Systems in 3 Steps by Pat Rigsby

 Improving Plantar Fasciitis by Adam Rees

 How Much Can the CNS Handle? by Matt Perryman

 Why You Don’t Need a Bunch of Supplements for Health by John Romaniello

 Speed Work? Or Technique Work? by Mike Robertson

 Interview with Martin Rooney

 Double Your Gains With High Tension Exercises by Chad Waterbury

Gaining Weight for the High School Athlete by Jim Wendler

 Is the Present Day Athlete Prepared For the Initiation of Athletic Performance Enhancement Training? by Rob Panariello

 Great interview with Shawn Windle

 Incredible Women of Strength by Kellie Davis

 Pre-Season Training by Brijesh Patel

 What Is Specificity? by Joel Jamieson

Fat Loss Nutrition by Nate Miyaki

Play Time and Why You Need It by Nia Shanks

My Case Against the Leg Press by Tony Gentilcore

Training the Rotator Cuff to Fatigue=Fail by Tony Gentilcore

Which Side Are You On? by Martin Rooney

Brendon Rearick shares thoughts from a recent seminar

Should You Filter Your Drinking Water? by Brian St. Pierre

Circuit Training Methods by Patrick Ward

FAI: What it is and why we are seeing more of it by Craig Liebenson

 A Day in the Life by Jason Ferruggia

 Leg Circuit Workout by Nick Tumminello

 Military Training Secrets For Amazing Fitness Results by John Alvino

Post Workout Nutrition Made Simple by Sean Hyson

Interview With Landon Evans

 Friday with Dr. Yessis

 What is Genius? by Matt Perryman

Baseball Strength and Conditioning: Early Off Season Priorities 1-5

Baseball Strength and Conditioning: Early Off Season Priorities 6-10

Dissecting a Hip Mobility Exercise by Kevin Neeld

External Obliques and Pelvic Control Part 2 by David Lasiner

Isometric Contractions, Trigger Points, and Muscle Energy Techniques by Mike Reinold

 Modifying the Big Lift by Geoff Girvitz

 Diet Planning for the Hardgainer by Shelby Starnes

 Pistol Squat Broken Down by Tom Furman

 Teaching Triple Extension by Sarah Walls

 Super-stiffness and core function by Dean Somerset

 Warm Up Quick, Fast, and in a Hurry by Roger Lawson

 White Bean Turkey Chili by Dr. Mike Roussell

 Action Thinking by Stevo Reed

 Trimming the Fat by Stevo Reed

 Why a Caring Attitude Trumps All Your Knowledge by John Izzo

 Idiots in the Gym: My Challenge to Personal Trainers by Jon Goodman


 Strength Coach Podcast Episode 88

 Stop Chasing Pain

 7 Lessons I Learned As An Intern by Keir Wenham-Flatt

 The Secret by Gray Cook

 Vertical Pulling Grip Selection by Anthony Donskov

 Gaelic Football Training Program by Robbie Bourke

 Training Soccer Champions by Todd Jones

 Hope you liked it. Which was your favorite article? Let me know in the comments below. Please remember to “like” this post and share it.

 Thanks, and have a great week.