Good Reads For the Week

I hope everyone had a good week and is taking some time today to relax a little bit before the roller coaster known as life starts back up tomorrow.

Earlier this week when I first launched the new site, I promised that I would keep giving you the same great content that you’ve grown to expect from my old blog. In some ways, I guess I was telling the truth, but in some respect I lied, because I’d actually consider this next list to be better than usual. I came across a ton of great content this weekend, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. Just make sure to read it all before and after the football games, but no during. Some times are sacred.

 Getting right into it, here are a few posts you may have missed during the week.

 For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 48

 Welcome to the New Site: Same Great Content, New Great Look.

 Before I get to the list of articles, I want to take a quick detour and bring a few other learning opportunities to your attention. After all, that’s really what these Good Reads posts are about, sharing knowledge.

 1. Next Saturday (September 24, 2011), I’ll be attending a seminar in Connecticut to see Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey, Pat Rigsby, BJ Gaddour, Dave Schmitz, and more. It looks to be pretty awesome, so if you live in the Northeast, swing by and say hello. You can get more info here.

 2. This week I watched a new DVD from Joe Defranco and James “Smitty” Smith called POWER, it was awesome. It shows a whole bunch of different exercises to build power, so if you train athletes or enjoy that style of training yourself, I recommend you check it out. I am not an affiliate so I have nothing to gain by recommending it, but I do. Check it out here.

3. If you want to learn more about energy systems development (I certainly do), Joel Jamieson has a great book out called “Ultimate MMA Conditioning.” Don’t worry if you don’t do MMA; the book is great for providing a general overview that anyone can understand. Again, I am not an affiliate, but I recommend it highly. It’s a short read, and it’s not very expensive either. Check it out here.

Ok ok, now for the good reads from the week. There are a bunch, so grab a (healthy) snack, get comfy, and get reading!

 40 Years of Insight, Part 2 by Dan John

 5 Great Lessons by Mike Boyle

 Volume vs. Strength Gains for Hypertrophy by Jason Ferruggia

FAI- What it is and why we are seeing more of it by Craig Liebenson

 Glute Testimonials by Bret Contreras

 How Women Should Train: My Rant by Marianne Kane

Personal Trainer Advertising Made Easy by Pat Rigsby

 Speed Work? Or Technique Work? By Mike Robertson

A Simple Modification to Maximize Your Bridge Exercise for Hip Extension by Mike Reinold

 So Good I Had to Share by Mike Boyle

 Interview with Alwyn Cosgrove

 Difficulties Packing the Neck? by Jeff Cubos

 Interview with Dave Draper

Mobility Is Just a Tool to Achieve Better Positions by Brendon Rearick

 Zen on a Merry-Go-Round by Martin Rooney

 Let’s Talk About Motivation by Nia Shanks

 Persistence by Alwyn Cosgrove

Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Breakfast by Cassandra Forsythe

 Why Am I So Tired? by Allen Tucker

 3 Muscle and Strength Tips by Sean Hyson

 Developing the Overhead Press by Mike Robertson

 Cassandra Forsythe interviews Julia Ladewski

 4 Week Better Body Plan: Muscle by Tony Gentilcore

 Recovery For (High School) Athletes by Patrick Ward

 Is Dairy Healthy? The Whole Story: Part 1 by Brian St. Pierre

 Is Dairy Healthy? The Whole Story: Part 2 by Brian St. Pierre

 Is Dairy Healthy? The Whole Story: Part 3 by Brian St. Pierre

 Amusing Analogies from John Romaniello

 30 Years Young by Dean Somerset

 Train Like An Athlete, Not Like a Fitness Model by JC Deen

 Deadlifting for MMA by Josh Bryant and Adam benShea

 21 Body Transformation Tips by Tyler English

 Who Do You Train? Putting Things Into Perspective by David Lasiner

 6 Ways to Improve Thoracic Mobility by Rick Kaselj

 Having Different Tools In Your Toolbox by David Lasiner

 The Importance of External Obliques in Pelvic Control by David Lasiner

 Hockey Nutrition: Supplements by Kevin Neeld

 Warm Up Quick Fast and in a Hurry by Roger Lawson

Complexes For Fat Loss by Lee Boyce

 Improving the Bridge by David Adamson

 Dear Rehab Guy by Mike Robertson

 Hitting With a Rubber Hose by Kyle Newell

 The Secret to Success In Training: Consistency, Guts, and Planning by John Izzo

 Where Are the Warriors? by Mike Snader

 Five Ways To Improve “On the Field” Speed by Steve Reid

 Why the Weekend Is Killing Your Fat Loss and How You Can Stop It by Roger Lawson

 How to Build a Post Injury Rehabilitation Practice by Dean Somerset

 Why Am I Not Succeeding by Rich Mejias

 Ways to Exercise: Creating Habits in Your Clients by Steve Bergeron

 Some Female Pushup Goodness by Stevo Reed


 Interview with Joel Jamieson. This is awesome!

 7 Lessons I Learned As an Intern by Keir Wenham-Flatt

 Training Basketball Players by Charlie Weingroff

Dowel Rod Leg Circuit

 Training Soccer Champions by Todd Jones

 Phase 1 Triathlon Training Program

 And I’m spent. That’ll do it for this week. I hope you liked it. Let me know what your favorites were in the comments below, and please remember to “like” this post and share it with your friends.

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 Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and happy football.