Get A Leg Up

I had an article come out on T-Nation yesterday called Bulgarian Split Squats. My original title had been Get a Leg Up, which I thought was pretty clever, but I guess not clever enough. Anyway, the title doesn’t matter much to me anyways. The article is about rear foot elevated split squats (more commonly referred to as Bulgarian split squats—hence the title) being used as an alternative to squatting for people that have back problems or those that just aren’t built to squat.

 The comments so far have been a mixed bag. On one side, I’ve received a bunch of messages from people saying that the article (along with my other writings) has been very helpful and that I have helped them learn to cope with their back problems so they can still train hard without hurting themselves. I’ve also received a bunch of negative comments as well, for a variety of different reasons. A lot of the critics seem to have the impression that I am against squatting in general, which I did not say. Just for the record, I love squats for certain people, but not for everyone. That’s really it.

 Of course I’d like to get all positive feedback, but all things considered, I’ll take it. You certainly can’t please everyone, and I’m fine with that. Please give the article a read and let me know what you think in the comments below.

P.S. I was a big fan of the pictures of the ladies that were added in. Yikes!

 Click HERE for the article

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