For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 50

I hope everyone is having a good week. Things have been going well on my end. Work is good, and my training has been picking up. I was in a little lull for a couple weeks, but it seems to getting a little better. I’m noticing that my workouts at the start of the week have been terrific but the workouts later in the week are tailing off a bit. That’s to be expected, but it’s still something to pay attention to. One thing I have learned is not to immediately jump to making drastic changes after a few mediocre workouts. A lot of people will have a bad day and immediately start to overhaul their program. Don’t fall into that trap. Stay the course. I can already see myself going on a tangent, so I’ll stop there and pick this up in a later post.

For now, I want to share an awesome compilation of training videos from the past week. I think you’ll really like it. It’s quite long so I’ve decided against putting any of own videos in it, but be sure to subscribe to my You Tube on the right because I’ve uploaded several new ones.



Jen Comas Keck and Molly Galbraith squat and bench at Elitefts. Sweet gym. Strong babes. Me likey.

Mike Guadango shows a cool 1 arm assisted pullup variation. I had never seen this before, and it looks cool. I’ve done a lot of the ones where you hold your wrist, but these look like a much better to progress to 1 arm pull-ups if that’s a goal of yours. Great idea.

Bret Contreras shows the RKC plank. I had never seen this before, so it was good to learn.

Sean Hyson squats 340×3. This video is more than a year old and Sean’s numbers are substantially higher now, but this is still a cool video. Sean is a really tall guy, which makes it much harder to squat, but he’s a strong dude and does a great job with some heavy weight.

Jason Ferruggia shows a cool progression for handstand pushups. I tried handstand pushups once, couldn’t do them, and left it at that. I never thought of this as a progression, but I really like how it looks and may try it out myself.

Jim Laird shows a female client doing glute-ham raises. GHRs are my favorite exercise for the posterior chain. It’s a very advanced movement and you typically don’t see them done very well. This girl does a good job of keeping a straight line from the knees to the neck, which is much easier said than done.

Tim Henriques does deficit deadlifts. Here Tim works up to a ridiculous 575 lb. pull from a 4 inch deficit. That’s really freakin strong.

Kevin Carr does spiderman pushups using the Valslides. I like this exercise and it’s definitely tough. Good stuff from Kevin.

Elsbeth Vaino shows a 1 leg RDL marching, to be used as part of a dynamic warmup. We use single leg RDLs a lot in our warm-ups, but I like the addition of the marching.

Jen Grasso does some TRX pikes. This is really difficult to do correctly as it takes a combination of strength and flexibility. Nice work here from Jen. I always like the background music in her videos too.

Mike Guadango shows explosive plyo pull-ups. This is a really advanced exercise that is wayyy harder than Mike makes it look. Great for building pulling power.

Joe Defranco shows “dumbell drops.” I like Joe’s creativity and he always has a lot of cool power building exercises in his arsenal. I watched his new POWER! DVD and I highly recommend checking it out.

Michael Keck does close grip 3 board press with 365 lbs. It’s crazy just how easy Mike makes these look without even a lift or a spotter. Just an easy walk in the park…with 365 lbs. Yikes.

Martin Rooney speaks about motivating clients.

Jason Ferruggia shows 1 arm dumbell floor presses. This is one of my favorite “push” exercises.

Joe Bonyai shows some pre and post practice exercises for volleyball.

Crazy battling ropes stuff. One of my readers sent this one to me, and I think it’s pretty cool. I have not spent a whole lot of time using the battling ropes other than the basics, so I saw a lot of things I haven’t seen. Plus, the woman here is 42 is kicking some butt, so that’s cool too.

One of my athletes sent this one to me this week and I just had to repost it. Just watch it and you’ll see why.

That’ll do it for this week. What was your favorite video?

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