Why I Like the Goblet Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat and a Cool Variation

I have been filming some of the stuff I’m doing in my latest training phase, but I’m way behind in getting it posted. I just uploaded about six new videos this weekend, but I still have a ways to go before I’m all caught up. Today I want to share a leg exercises that I’m really enjoying. Any of you that read my blog regularly know I’m a huge fan of the rear foot elevates split squat (RFESS). It’s an awesome way to train my legs without putting too much pressure on my back. My favorite variation of the RFESS [...]


Good Reads for the Week

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over. I have been really busy, but a good busy. Things are really picking up at Strengthcoach.com (check it out) and it is coming along really well. I definitely suggest you check it out. The summer program is in full swing too, so that’s makes for busy days. I’ve also been doing some writing too, so be on the lockout for some cool articles in the coming weeks. My next project is trying to invent a way to stretch each day to 30 hours. I kid, but [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 42

Hope everyone is having a good week. They’re about to get a little better because I’ve put together an awesome compilation of training videos from the past week. There’s a lot to see so I’ll just get right into it. I didn’t post any of my own videos, but I’ve actually uploaded quite a few new ones recently and have a bunch more I still need to get to, so be sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel here. Ok, now for the videos. Unbelievable bodyweight stuff. Here is another incredible freestyle calisthenics videos. I don’t want to give [...]


Work the Whole Back Side of the Body With One Move: Part 3

Last week, I posted what I called the Banded “Iron Cross” Glute-Ham Raise (see post here), which is essentially just a combination of glute-ham raise and a band pullapart. The idea is to work the whole back side of the body in one movement, which it does nicely. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from people that have tried it, but the one problem with it is that it’s just really really tough to do. Extending your arms out to the sides changes the lever arm and makes it much more difficult than a regular glute-ham raise. After doing [...]