Good Reads for the Week

I hope everyone had a good week and is staying safe from Hurricane Irene. It hasn’t hit too bad in Massachusetts yet, but I’m hearing it’s going to get pretty gnarly later in the day, so hopefully it isn’t as bad as it’s being made out to be. Only time will tell I guess. Tomorrow is my birthday, so on a selfish level I’m hoping it isn’t that bad or else it will end up being epically boring. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

In any case, I’ve put together a great list of fitness articles from the past week, so as long as you still have power, it’ll give you something to do while you brave the storm.

First off, I had another article on T-Nation about hip belt squats, so be sure to give that a read.

And here are some posts you may have missed during the week.

Great Bodyweight Face Pull Variation

My Grandmother is Cooler Than I Am

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 45

Good Reads for the Week (Last Week’s)

Ok, now for the rest of the list. It’s a great one, so sit back and relax.

How to Deadlift by Smitty Diesel

Two Times a Week for Twice the Gains by Dan John

Training Speed to Get Strong by Eric Cressey

Great interview with Joe Dowdell

Awesome interview with Robert dos Remedios

The Hidden Benefit of Barbell Training by Jason Ferruggia

Tony Gentilcore Unplugged

Concepts for Mobility by Kevin Carr

Lose Tension to Get Quick by Kelly Baggett

Trust the Process by Steve Flaming

Progressing Training Means by Jay DeMayo

Interview with Nick Tumminello

Play Doh Coaching by Tony Gentilcore

Dress for Success by Jason Ferruggia

Failing Forward by John Romaniello

The Effect of Abdominal Exercise on Abdominal Fat

Train Like a Girl Weekend Recap

Why Fruit (Sometimes) Sucks by Sean Hyson

Simple Recovery Tip from Smitty Diesel

Speed Training Research by Kevin Neeld

Hockey Development: 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back by Jeff Cubos

The Life of a Sports PT Resident by Matt Failla

Tony Gentilcore shows a cool exercise

Goals: Attack Your Limiting Factors One At a Time by Zach Moore

Dr. Yessis spills some knowledge

Pattern Burnout by Dean Somerset

Volume Ladder Smart Bomb by Chad Coy

You Got to Know When to Hold Em’ by Jay Demayo

5 Breakfasts for More Muscle by Mike Roussell

Heave Ho! Top Pulling Moves by Doug Balzarini

The Dumbing Down of Fitness by Charles Gardner

Power Clean for the Strength Athlete by Leo Totten

5 Core Exercises to Spice Up Your Training by Stevo Reed

This Is How I’ve Always Done It by Brendan Chaplin

3 Great Ways to Do It: The Max Effot Method by Dave Tate

Be a Door Closer by Jon Goodman

The Cost Objection by Jon Goodman

30 Minutes to Train a Beauty Queen by Chris Kelly


Strength Coach Podcast: Episode 86 Brian Bott

Business Plan vs. Training Philosophy by Anthony Donskov

Handicapping the Perform Better Summit in Long Beach by Mike Boyle

Perform Better Summit Anyone? By Elsbeth Vaino

The “W” Exercise by Anthony Donskov

Basic Training Template for Racquet Sport Athletes by Bruce Kelly

Ok, that’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the list. Take care, and stay safe.