For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 45

I’m on my way in to work, but I wanted to leave you with some awesome training videos from the past week. Enjoy!

Jim Kielbaso trains the world’s strongest nun. Yes, this is a real nun. Gotta love it. She’s strong to boot. This cracked me up and impressed me at the same time. Also gotta love the Eminem music for a nun video.

Awesome ladies training hard. Gotta love this.

Beautiful Badass training session. Now this is awesome.

Dewey Nielsen does single leg squats with 100 pounds, for reps. This is awesome. It’s even harder holding the weights goblet style, so this is even more impressive. Love it!

Julia Ladewski does some heavy training prior to her powerlifting meet. I am a little late getting this video posted so the meet has already passed, but this is some awesome stuff. Not surprisingly, she did great at the meet.

Jen Comas Keck deadlifts 295 pounds for a new personal best. Congrats to Jen. That’s some strong work!

Joe Defranco shares some cool drills for shoulder health. Great stuff as always from Joe.

Eric Benedick does a rope climb with a 40 lb weighted vest. This is really freakin impressive.

Joe Bonyai goes through progressions to improve first step quickness. This is awesome. Joe has unbelievable agility and movement skills and it’s really fun to watch.

Smitty Diesel shows a cool way to teach the hip hinge. This is a creative way to use the reverse hyper, that’s for sure. Great idea.

Eric Cressey shows a catch-all mobility drill. This one certainly kills a lot of birds with one stone. Cool idea.

Dean Somerset does one leg box squats with pauses. This is a good starting point to learn how to do one leg squats.

Jaime Rodriguez does heavy pistol squats with 48 kg. Strong stuff!

Strongman clinic at FiveX3 Training. I’ve never really heard of a strongman clinic before, but it’s a cool concept.

I didn’t include any of my own videos this time since there were enough great ones already, but I’ve slowly but surely been getting stuff off my camera and onto my You Tube page so be sure to subscribe to that HERE to check it out.

Have a great day!