Good Reads For the Week

Another week is now in the books, so that means it’s time for another installment of Good Reads.

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Ok, now I’ll get right to it before I waste too much of your time blabbering away. Here are some posts you may have missed during the week.

Learning On a Budget, Revisited

Work the Entire Back Side of the Body With One Move, Part 2

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 41

Ok, now here are some awesome new articles on I usually put these at the bottom of the list since a lot of you probably aren’t members and thus can’t access them, but I really want to encourage you to join. If you want to hear my thoughts about why, read this, or else go HERE and sign up.

Planned Randomness: Fred Flintstone Programming by Anthony Donskov

The Best Training and Nutrition Program by Dewey Nielsen

Stuck with 1’s by Charlie Weingroff

Form and Function: Finding the Balance by Jon DeMoss

And now for the rest of the list. It’s a big one, so get comfy, grab a good snack, turn off your phone, and get to it.

Which MTE Are You? by Martin Rooney

Nia Shanks interviews Molly Galbraith

Nia Shanks interviews Molly Galbraith Part 2

Much Ado About Deadlifting by Tony Gentilcore

3 Deadlifting Tips You May Have Never Heard Before by Brendon Rearick

Supine Sagittal Stability and the T-L Junction by Charlie Weingroff

Showing Up Is Half the Battle by Mike Boyle

Great interview with Rachel Guy

Intimidate the Weight by Tony Gentilcore

Training Clients With Obesity Part 6 by Mark Young

How Much Protein Should You Eat Per Day? by Jason Ferruggia

How to Progress and Regress the Hang Clean by Scott Hansen

CAT, Plyo, and Board Presses by Todd Bumgardner and Josh Bryant

John Izzo interviews Tony Gentilcore

New Trends in Hip Thrust Performance by Bret Contreras

Nick Tumminello shares a cool burpee variation

5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Athletes by Kevin Neeld

Coaching the Joint by Joint vs. Talking About It by Sam Leahy

Carpe Diem Day 2011 by Alwyn Cosgrove

Movement Reserve: Enhancing the Physiological Buffer Zone by Patrick Ward

When Mobility Doesn’t Stick by Charlie Weingroff

Coaching Cues For the Kettlebell Deadlift by Zach Moore

Keeping QB’s healthy by Todd Bumgardner

How to Properly Assess Should Internal Rotation by Tony Gentilcore

Mel Siff on Directional Specificity by Bret Contreras

Real Life Tabata Intervals by Mike Boyle

Too Strict Too Soon by Rachel Cosgrove

Cool Interview with Mark Young

Random Thoughts by Sean Hyson

Feels Good Conditioning by Jen Grasso

Jen Grasso shares her training log

Eating Late At Night: Good or Bad? by John Alvino

Improving Range of Motion Without Addressing Range of Motion by David Lasiner

Metabolic Flexibility by Mike T Nelson

Iron Evolution: Phase 5 by Dave Tate

Big Bench Program for Strength and Size by Matt Kroc

“He’s a Big, Strong Kid” by Eric Cressey

Training Kids by David Lasiner

Dean Somerset talks about the warmup

My Top Two Supplements by Nia Shanks

School Lunch Must Haves by Kellie Davis

A Workout When You Just Aren’t Feelin a Workout by Dean Somerset

2 Dynamic Hip Warm Ups: Look For These Compensations by Matt Siniscalchi

The Complete Goal Setting Manual by Bojan Kostevski

Rich Mejias talks about women lifting weights

How Important is VO2 Max? by Harold Gibbons

Is Perfect Posture Possible? by Dean Somerset

Not Quite Ready For the Ball Pushup by John Izzo


Strength Coach Podcast Episode 85. This is awesome.

The Fitcast Episode 218

Interview with John Romaniello

Ok, that’s a wrap for this week. Told you it was a long one. Please pass this along for others to see.

Have a great week!