Good Reads for the Week

I hope everyone had a good week. I’ve actually had a great week, but I’m been really busy, which is why I’ve slacked a little on posting. Rest assured though, I’ve still put together an awesome compilation of good fitness reads from the past week, so sit back, relax, and get your learn on.

Here are a few posts you may have missed this week.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 40

Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar

Now for the rest of the list. Get comfy, because this could take awhile.

Sean Hyson makes a FREE e-book available with 50 tips to get in better shape. Lots of good stuff in here, and you can’t beat the price.

Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises For Building Muscle and Strength by Jason Ferruggia

Pushing the Envelope by Bret Contreras

Lift Like a Girl by Nia Shanks

Maximum Power Research by Joel Jamieson

Guess What? You’re Not An Elite Athlete by Tony Gentilcore

Cybernetic Periodization by Eric Cressey

Training Clients With Obesity Part 5 by Mark Young

Charles Staley talks about the problems with sitting

Get It Right: Deadlift

Bret Contreras interviews Nick Horton

Degrees of Slippage by Alwyn Cosgrove

3 Back Training Mistakes You Could Be Making by Mike Robertson

Shoulder Pain and Anterior Humeral Glide by Zach Moore

Random Thoughts From Mark Young

Prilepins Table For Hypertrophy by Scott Dixon

Tony Gentilcore shares a cool slideboard exercise

How to Prepare For Competition Without Ending Up Alone by Kellie Davis

Dean Somerset introduces the dumbbell bench deadlift

Nick Tumminello talks abs

Get After It, Grandma! by Harold Gibbons

Overrated Muscle Builders by Lee Boyce

What Happens When You Stop Training? by Alwyn Cosgrove

John Izzo interviews JC Santana

What Is the Best Time of the Day to Exercise? by Mark Sisson

Do You Have Full Range of Motion? by David Lasiner

Take This Eating Challenge by Nia Shanks

When Functional Training Isn’t Functional Anymore by David Lasiner

Do You Need a Break From Deadlifts? by Tony Gentilcore

Jen Grasso shares a recipe for pumpkin pie

Random Thoughts from Zach Moore

Some Thoughts on the Training Session by Vern Gambetta

Mike Guadango talks about pool sprints

Is This the Best Stretch for Low Back Relief? by John Izzo

4 Reasons You’re Not Lean by Mike Robertson

Drills by Vern Gambetta

Music Makes My World Go Round, Volume 2 by Alli McKee

4 Pain Symptoms Associated With Lack of Glutes by Matt Siniscalchi

Coaching Tool for Squats from Matt Siniscalchi

Bret Contreras interviews Lisa McDonnell

Stevo Reed talks about bodypart splits

Why Some Personal Trainers Don’t Deserve Their Own Business by John Izzo

Kids and Investment in Equipment by Amy Wattles

Depletion Pushup Eccentrics by Sarah Wall

Chris Romanow talks about the standing W shoulder exercise

You Call That a Warmup? by Harold Gibbons

Goal Characteristics and the Likelihood of Successful Outcome by Bojan Kostevski

Kneeling Med Ball Jumps for Explosiveness by Eirik Forlie

Stuck With 1’s by Charlie Weingroff

The BEST Training and Nutrition Program by Dewey Nielsen

Form and Function—Finding the Balance by Jon DeMoss

Ok that’ll do it. Hope you enjoyed the list. Please share it with others.

Take care, and have a great week!