Popeye Eggs

I continue to receive quite a few questions regarding cooking and nutrition, which always makes me chuckle because I would consider myself to be a marginal cook at best (and that’s being generous). I eat pretty well, but nothing that I make is really that complicated or exciting. Still, I have been asked what I eat quite a bit, so I’ll do my best to share the few “recipes” I do know (I put recipe in quotes because I would hardly call what I make a recipe). I have already shared a few, so if you’ve missed them, you can check them out below.

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Today I’ll share one that I call Popeye Eggs, for lack of a better name. It’s just eggs and spinach. At risk of sounding like Bubba from Forrest Gump (one of my top 10 movies, btw), I like eggs just about every way imaginable: fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, whatever. I always get omelettes whenever I go out for breakfast, but when I cook for myself, I’d rather not take the time, so this is the next best thing.

Ingredients: Eggs, Spinach, Cooking Spray.

Step 1. Crack some eggs in a bowl and scramble them up. I usually have about 7-8 but you can have however many you want.

Step 2. Heat up a fry pan on pretty high heat and spray it with some cooking spray.

Step 3. Put a couple handfuls of spinach in the pan. It will look like a lot. I’ve never measured, but if I had to ballpark it, I’d say it’s about a shitload.

Step 4. Let the spinach cook for a couple seconds and stir it around so it doesn’t burn. It will shrink down to where it doesn’t look like much at all.

Step 5. Pour the eggs into the pan and stir them around for about a minute until they are cooked.

Step 6. There is no step 6. You’re done. I might cut up a cucumber or something else to go with it.

Total time from start to finish: About 6 minutes.

This recipe is perfect for people like me want to eat well but don’t want to take too much time to cook. I have these just about night when I get home from work, before I go to sleep. I know eggs are widely considered to be a breakfast food, but there is no rule saying you can’t have them later in the day. Breakfast for dinner rules.

Plus, I’m pretty sure all the spinach will give you jacked forearms. I have been eating this same thing for a couple years, and in that time, I have seen huge improvements in my grip strength. I’m pretty sure that’s proof. It worked for Popeye, right?

Give it a try and see for yourself. I’ll try to share a few more recipes in the coming weeks. I’ve already shared most of them, but I’m feeling slightly inspired to branch out and find some new ones so I’ll keep you posted.