Good Reads for the Week

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and getting geared up for another great week. To help facilitate that, I’ve put together another great compilation of fitness reads from the past week. It’s a great list and I think you’ll really like it. There’s a lot to read so I’ll cut my blabbering short right here.

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Ok, the reading. First, here are some posts you may have missed during the week.

A Great Pushup Variation for Shoulder Stability and Core Strength

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 36

Popeye Eggs

Good Reads for the Week (Last week’s, in case you didn’t make it through everything)

Now for the rest of the list. Time to sit back, relax, and get wicked smaht(a).

The Best Damn Pushups Article, Period by Bret Contreras and Elsbeth Vaino

Pushup Research by Bret Contreras

Should We Always Use a Full Range of Motion? by Jason Ferruggia

Should We Always Use a Full Range of Motion? Part 2 by Jason Ferruggia

Sample Upper Body Dynamic Warmup from Nick Tumminello

The Posterior Chain: It’s All In The Hips by Perry Nickelston

Defend Your Life by Sean Hyson

John Romaniello talks about bodyweight training

Correcting Bad Posture: Are Deadlifts Enough? by Eric Cressey

Straight Bar Deadlift vs. Hex Bar Deadlift by Bret Contreras

Random Thoughts from Bret Contreras

Strength Training vs. Functional Training by Craig Liebenson

The Glute Journey by Marianne Kane

Training Clients with Obesity Part 1 by Mark Young

Training Clients with Obesity Part 2 by Mark Young

80/20 Powerlifting by Pavel

Awesome Thoracic/ Shoulder Mobility Drill by Scott Hansen

One Step Closer by Nia Shanks

Balancing Fitness With a Busy Life by Smitty Diesel

Hip Assessments for Hockey Players by Kevin Neeld

Achieve a Deeper Lunge in 4 Steps by John Izzo

Sneaky Calories in Your Diet Foods by Kellie Davis

Circuit Training vs. Traditional Training by Alwyn Cosgrove

Charlotte Loa talks about interning in the fitness industry

Sam Leahy talks more about internships

The Myth of Symmetry by Kevin Neeld

21 Days to a Better Fitness Business by Pat Rigsby

High Protein Diets and Kidney Function by Brad Schoenfeld

Jen Grasso shares her training log

What Are You Waiting For? by Nia Shanks

Perfecting the 1 Legged RDL by Tony Gentilcore

Classifications of Massage by Patrick Ward

Making a Commitment of Succeed by David Lasiner

Versatility of the Mini Band by Matt Siniscalchi

Simple Strength: Phase 2 from Mike Robertson

Selecting the Best “Bang For Your Buck” Exercises by Charles Poloquin

Jen Comas shares her training log

The 2 Most Forgotten Coaching Cues by David Lasiner

Jeremy Frisch shares his workout log

Zach Moore discusses his training

The Best Are the Best for a Reason by Dean Somerset

Interview with Bret Contreras

Brian St. Pierre talks about different types of chicken

Methods of Strength Development by Brandon Patterson

Fix Your Front Squat by Lee Boyce

Jen Comas shares two great recipes for healthy treats

Joe Dowdell talks about bringing up lagging delts

John Izzo talks about where many trainers fall short

Understanding Russian Weightlifting Methods by Charles Poloquin

Interview with Gray Cook

Microwaving Plastic Makes Me Crazy by Cassandra Forsythe

How to End Your Diet by Shelby Starnes

The Little Things Matter by Eric Cressey

If It Hurts, Stop Doing It by Tony Gentilcore

Lactic Acid and Growth Hormone by Mike Young

The Meat and Nuts Breakfast of Champions by Charles Poloquin

Samuri Tweaks to Eating Plans by Nate Miyaki

5 Life Lessons from a New Dad by Mike Robertson

Healthy Knee Tips from Charles Poloquin

The Ten Dollar Spend by Andrew Read

Early Days by Alwyn Cosgrove

Multi Tasking Made Easier by Dean Somerset

On Having Discipline by Elaine Morales

Robbie Bourke reviews Ultra Prevention

The Top Get Faster For Football Exercises by Steven Morris

Progressing the Chinup by Bojan Kostevski

Accounting for Meatheads by Chris Vaughn

Tire Flipping 101 by Charles Gardner

Membership Sites

How to Build Up Your 10,000 Hours by Jason Spray

Free Podcasts

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 82

The Fit Cast Episode 215

That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. Please pass this list for others to enjoy too.

Have a great week!