Good Reads for the Week

I hope everyone has had a good week. It’s about to get a little better because I’ve put together an awesome compilation of fitness articles for you from the past week. There’s a lot to get to so I won’t waste your time with my blabbering. Now that basketball and hockey are done, there’s hardly anything to watch on tv (God I can’t wait for football season) so hopefully you have some extra time to get through it all.

Oh, and before I forget: Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves today. It’s funny, speaking of Father’s Day and football, I was thinking that it would make way more sense to have Father’s Day fall on a Sunday during football season, maybe even Super Bowl Sunday. Man law?

First, here are some posts you may have missed during the week.

A Cool Dan John Inspired Exercise for the Rhomboids

Need Some Inspiration? Read This

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 35

Good Reads for the Week (Last week’s, in case you haven’t finished)

Now for the rest of the list. Enjoy!

What It’s Like to Be Reborn by Alwyn Cosgrove

5 Superior Single Leg Exercises by Mike Boyle

Figuring Out Sciatica…And Other Garbage Diagnoses by Charlie Weingroff

11 Years, 11 Lessons, 100 Pounds by Eric Cressey

Is Bodyweight Training Effective for Building Muscle? by Jason Ferruggia

Bro Badasses by Nia Shanks

Ladies…Valerie Waters is coming out with a cool looking program. Check it out.

The Four Steps by Dan John

In Defense of Meat by Dan Trink

Strength Goals: Don’t Be Afraid to Abandon Them by Bret Contreras

Shon Grosse gives a great recap of the BSMPG Sports Medicine Conference

11 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Results by Mike Boyle

Interview with Rachel Guy

The State of the Fitness Industry by Pat Rigsby

Awesome New Website Design from Nia Shanks

The Difference Between the Location of Symptoms and the Source of Dysfunction by Mike Reinold

Carbs As Energy…Or Sleep Aid by Kellie Davis

The Bell Curve of Lifting Arousal by Mike Robertson

3 Fitness Myths and Preconceptions Destroyed by Dean Somerset

How Ankle Mobility Still Needs Stability for Power Production by John Izzo

Early Days by Alwyn Cosgrove

Summer Training For Nine Year Olds by Mike Boyle

The Psychology of Strength: Incorporating Mental Toughness Training by Jackson Yee

Deceleration Training for Athletes by Smitty Diesel

2 Key Strategies For Creating Effective Strength and Conditioning Programs by Eric Cressey

Defending the Lunge Exercise by John Izzo

Become a Hockey Training Rockstar Part 1 by Kevin Neeld

Become a Hockey Training Rockstart Part 2 by Kevin Neeld

How to Build Strong Leg and Healthy Knees by Charles Poloquin

How Extreme Focus Can Change Your Life by JC Deen

Barefoot Training by Dewey Nielsen

Bird Dog Progression by Zach Moore

The Rehabilitation Benefits of Suspension Training by Perry Nickelston

Thinking Outside the Box with Tony Gentilcore

Breaking Down Ideal Into Actions by Mark Young

Strengthen Your Core and Loosen Your Hamstrings by Chad Waterbury

Microwaving Plastic Drives Me Crazy by Cassandra Forsythe

How to Be Completely Dissatisfied Your Entire Training Life by Jim Wendler

Iron Core: How to Build a Punch Proof Body by Chad Waterbury

Jen Comas gives a great recipe for sweet potato rounds

Overhead Lifting Considerations by Matt Siniscalchi

Squatting the Right Way by Andy Bolton and Elliot Newman

Jen Grasso shares a recipe for arugula and mango salad

What Certification in Personal Training Should You Get? by Jon Goodman

Jon Goodman on certifications, Part 2

Is Late Night Eating Better for Fat Loss and Health? by Martin Berkhan

Should You Squat Past Your Knees by Matt Siniscalchi

You Can Achieve 3 Massive Dreams This Year…Guaranteed by Kat Loterzo

5 Ways to Get Lean and Keep Your Muscle by Kevin Carr

Brendon Rearick shares pictures of his Velocity Diet experience

Perk Up Your Plate With More Protein by Kellie Davis

Merrell Trail Glove Review from Jason Ferruggia

Glute Day: Turning the Gym Into a Hip Extension Empire by Eirik Forlie

10 Things I Learned Though My Own Blog by David Lasiner

Belly Presses For Core Stability by Matt Siniscalchi

The 10 Commandments of Athletic Development by Eirik Sandvik

A Chin-up Love Story by Bojan Kostevski

Tools for the Poor Man’s Massage by Eirik Forlie

10 Reasons Your Workouts Suck by Steve Bergeron

One Year Already and a Top Ten by David Lasiner

The Overlooked Essentials For Your Ultimate Adaptation by Kyle Newell

Handstand Pushup Practice by Jamie Sulc

That’ll do it for this time. I hope you enjoyed it. Please pass it along and share it with others.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a great week!