For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 37

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I have put together a great compilation of training videos from the past week that I think you will really like. It is slightly shorter than past compilations, with 24 videos in all, but I think this is going to better overall. We just started our summer session which means I leave home for work at 6:15 am and get home at 8:30 pm, which doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time for writing. At the same time, I’ve gotten quite a few comments from people saying they never have time to make it through all the videos on a weekly basis, so cutting it down will make that easier. It’s a win-win.

While it may be a tad shorter, it’s just as awesome. I’ll stop blabbering and get right to it. Sit back, relax, and getcha popcorn ready.

Eccentric Goblet RFE Split Squats. I love the goblet hold but the biggest problem is that as you get stronger most gyms simply don’t have big enough dumbells. One way to get around this is to slow down the tempo and increase the range of motion, making a lighter weight feel heavier and allowing you to reap the benefits of the goblet hold (good body positioning as well as being a great exercise for the anterior core via anti-flexion).

Anthony Renna visits Joe Dowdell and takes a tour of Peak Performance. It is great to get a glimpse into one of the best gyms in the country. After watching the video, I can see why. It is so freakin awesome. I can’t wait to check it out in person when I go to the seminar there July 9-10. You can read more about that here.

Shon Grosse does an awesome pullover/muscle up combo. I love this type of stuff. Shon is an animal and makes it look easy, but I can’t even imagine doing this. Great stuff.

Jen Comas deadlifts 225×5. Great stuff from Jen here. Strong work, and I love how she always films herself to analyze her form to keep improving. Looking great too.

Rachel Guy films a brutal workout. I got winded just watching this. Wow.

Cem Eren does some crazy plyometrics. This guy is a freak. Just some awesome stuff here. Wow.

Max Shank throws a 275 lb atlas stone. Considering this stone weighs a lot more than he does, this is ridiculously impressive. Wow.

Barstarzz crew gets wild. Here Edward Checo and the guys get crazy in Jersey. Skip ahead to 1:30 to see the action. This stuff is so awesome.

Jaime Rodriguez does some heavy 1 leg squats. Here Jaime does some really heavy weight with great control. Love it.

Jenn Reiner shows some neat ankle mobility drills.

Marianne Kane does a brutal conditioning circuit. I got tired just watching this one. Great intensity and great form throughout.

Zach Moore shows some wall squats. This is an awesome drill to build hip mobility and help groove the proper squat patterning. I really like these as a teaching tool. Great stuff here from Zach.

Joe Defranco shows his NFL guys doing kneeling jumps into med ball throws and spints. Lots of good stuff going on here at once. I always like watching the way Joe does things.

Jared Enderton of Average Bro gym does a 440 pound box jerk at 95 kg bodyweight. Can you say STRONG!

Jim Laird shows one of his athletes doing a cool farmer’s walk drill. I have normally seen farmer’s walks done in a straight line but this adds another component to them. Very cool, and looks fun.

Tom Conner does reverse hyperextensions off a plyo box. Most gyms do not have a specific reverse hyper machine, so this is a creative alternative. Good idea.

Dean Somerset does decline spiderman pushups. I love spiderman pushups, but I had never seen them done with the feet elevated like Dean does. Great idea.

Marianne Kane shows a progression from glute bridges to hip thrusts. If you want a better booty, give this a look.

Michael Keck prepares for his powerlifting meet with some heavy squats and bench presses. Great stuff as always from Mike. I really enjoy watching him lift because his technique is great and he is strong as an ox.

Ross Enamait gives a T handle tutorial. Here is a creative way to add load to swings. Ross always has cool ideas and I love how he takes the time to teach others.

Jaime Rodriguez does a long weighted pushup iso hold on the TRX. Here Jaime shows great strength and mental toughness to last over a minute in a weighted hold with heavy weight on his back, beating a video I did earlier. Great work from Jaime. I am happy to be motivating people to try new things and train hard.

Joe Hashey and Rob Williams show a cool drill for hip mobility. I may try this one out soon myself.

Jaime Rodriguez does a 1 arm plank. This is a great plank progression to build core and shoulder stability.

Study: Americans get the majority of their exercise while drunk. For the literal people out there, this is a joke. For everyone else, enjoy.

Study: Americans Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk

That’s all for this time. Hope you enjoyed it. Please pass this along for others to enjoy as well. Remember to also check out yesterday’s post for another cool exercise idea and video.