Good Reads for the Week

I hope everyone had a good week. I sure did. We are coming up on the last week of our spring session, and all the athletes have made great progress, which in turn makes me happy. Also, the sun has finally decided to come out after two straight weeks of rain, and I can tell that my mood is better when the weather is nice. I am also excited about the upcoming Perform Better Summit this weekend in Providence. This is my first summit, but I’ve heard lots of great things and can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to share a compilation of great fitness articles and podcasts from the past week. It’s a great list, so I think/hope you’ll like it. I’ve got links 80 in all, which seems like a lot but is actually a bit less than past weeks. I think this size may be more manageable for most people because I doubt most of you read everything anyways. I may be wrong about that, so I’d appreciate some feedback.

Lastly, the list is a little shorter because I have been spending my allotted “learning time” (I set aside a certain amount of time every single day) a little differently. As I mentioned in my previous post, I read Dan John’s Never Let Go, which I really can’t recommend enough, and I have also been browsing around more on This week alone, I watched four great presentations about the aging golf athlete, wisdom from Mike Boyle, marketing tips from Alwyn Cosgrove, and information about dynamic variable resistance training (very cool stuff) from Josh Henkin. I will write a separate post about this at some point because I have a lot to say, but I highly recommend you sign up and check it out. You can do so HERE.

Ok, now for the list. Here are a few posts you may have missed during the week.

Never Let Go: A Must Read

Killer Core Exercise: 1 Arm 1 Leg Bodysaw

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 32

Good Reads for the Week (Last week’s, since you probably haven’t finished yet)

Now for the rest of the list. It’s a good one, so get comfy and get to it!

Awesome interview with Edward Checo

Tony Gentilcore interviews Molly Galbraith

Tony Gentilcore interviews Molly Galbraith Part 2

Awesome Interview with Dan Baker

Progressing Patients by Craig Liebenson

The. Best. Workout. Ever? by Ali Gilbert

Tightening Up the Ship by Bret Contreras

Handicapping the Perform Better Summit in Providence by Mike Boyle. I’m really forward to this next weekend.

Crappy Weather and the Cause of Achy Joints by Dean Somerset. As someone who gets knee pain at seemingly random moments based on the weather, I thought this was very interesting.

6 Exercises for Low Back Health by Elsbeth Vaino

Stong(her) University Part 2: Nutrition 101 by Jen Comas

Why You Shouldn’t Take it Off Later by Mark Young

Isometric Training for Athletes by John Gaglione

A Doable Stretch Routine by Dean Somerset

Interview with Joe Arko

Rotational Power by Bret Contreras

Weight Training Programs: The Basics, But With Variety by Eric Cressey

A Quick Guide to Shrimp by Mark Sisson. I LOVE shrimp!

Why Bodybuilders are More Jacked Than Powerlifters by Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld

Bret Contreras interviews Carlo Buzzichelli

Jen Grasso talks about conditioning

Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Breakfast by Cassandra Forsythe

Breakthrough Hockey Training Research by Kevin Neeld

More Hockey Research from Kevin Neeld

The Missing Piece in Designing Your Training Program: The Autonomic Nervous System Part 1 by Sam Leahy

Overtraining: Myths, Facts, and Fantasies by Andrew Heffernan

Top 10 Carb Intake Rules for Optimal Body Composition by Charles Poloquin

How Many Meals a Day Should You Eat? by Brad Schoenfeld

Lat Activation for Bigger Pulls by Mike Robertson

History of Strength and Conditioning Science by Jamie Hale

Hello, Sugar…Goodbye Immunity? by Kellie Davis

Dean Somerset shows a cool exercise modification

The Truth About Fructose by Brad Schoenfeld

Building Strength with Progressive Overload by Kellie Davis

Got Beef? by Joe Giandonato

Understanding Compression When Squatting by John Izzo

Movement as Medicine by Kevin Carr

A Quick Coaching Rant from Mike Robertson

Achieving Your First Chinup by Danny McLarty

Take Nothing Personally: Know Your Identity by Charlotte Loa

Shon Grosse gives some random thoughts about track and field

2 Tips to a More Effective DB Row by Zach Moore

Brendon Rearick shares his Velocity Diet experience

More diet thoughts from Brendon

Random Muscle Building Workouts from Smitty Diesel

Complete FODMAP List For a Happy Gut by Cassandra Forsythe

If I Had to Pick One Thing by Nia Shanks

Looks Like Tarzan, Moves Like Jane by Eirik Forlie

Finding the Middle Ground by Kellie Davis

What is Your Meaning of Life? By Smitty Diesel

The Cheating Cheat Sheet by John Romaniello

Sleep, Stress, and Fat Loss by Helen Kollias

Your Brain is Portable: Your Facility is Not by John Izzo

The Bucket Analogy by David Lasiner

Riding the Wave by Mladen Jovanovic

The New Starchy Carb Food Pyramid by Nate Miyaki

A Closer Look at the Glycemic Index by Alan Aragon

Controlled Carb Bulking Strategy by Shelby Starnes

Nick Tumminello adds ankle mobility to the yoga plex

Meat Glue: Separating Fact From Fiction by Mark Sisson

One of the Most Overlooked Aspects to Training by Matt Siniscalchi

John Meadows talks about Dave Tate’s diet

Does Aspartame Pass the Safety Test? by Jaime Hale

Smitty Diesel shows how to get a good workout in 20 minutes

Does Your Program Have Symmetry? by Matt Siniscalchi

Do You Want It? by Steve Bergeron

A Day in the Life of Chad Wesley Smith

What Are the Best Grocery Store Eggs? by Brian St. Pierre

Every Chance You Get by Harold Gibbons

Because That’s Who I Am by Damon Brobst

Post Workout Smoothie Recipe by David Lasiner

Staying Lean After Fat Loss by Bojan Kostevski

Fed Ex Day in Sports Performance by Casey Wheel


The Fitcast Episode 213

Strength Coach Podcast Episoide 80

That’ll do it for this time. I hope you enjoyed it. Please pass it along for others to enjoy too.

Happy Memorial Day!