For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 32

Wednesday is already upon us, and you know what that means, right? If you guessed Modern Family, you get a big internet high five. I honestly really don’t watch anything other than sports on tv, but I have seen that show a few times and I think it’s freakin hilarious. Please, Sofia Vergara ain’t too hard on the eyes.

Alas, Wednesday also means a new installment of For Your Viewing Pleasure. I’ve got a great list for you this week (45 videos in all), so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

I know I don’t typically put my own videos into these lists, but I thought I’d made an exception this week. I have been testing some of my lifts the past two weeks to see where I’m at and how I’ve progressed. Last Tuesday it was the 1 leg squat, which you can see here. This Monday, I followed it up by testing the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat. With both exercises, I worked up to a 5 rep max because I think anything less is too risky with single leg work. I ended up getting 335 pounds for 5 reps, which I was quite happy with. For the past eight months, I’ve been doing them with the front leg elevated too, which makes it quite a bit harder, so doing them regularly felt much easier. I will be doing a much more detailed write-up soon about my single leg experiment but for now here is the video.

Now for the rest of the awesome list.

Jen Grasso does ring chins on the bench. There is so much good stuff going on here it’s hard to keep track of it all. First, the beach. How cool is it to be able to workout on a beach like that? Second, the exercise. Ring chins are one of my favorite variations because I think they are the most shoulder-friendly and they allow you to get a great contraction in your back at the top when you supinate your wrists. Third, Jen is an absolute smokeshow and is strong as heck to boot. All the above reasons make this video a winner.

Nick Tumminello talks about how to perform one arm pushups. This is a great video. If you have the desire to learn this exercise, Nick breaks it down very simply (thought that doesn’t mean it will be easy). I’d listen to his advice because not only is he very smart, he is also brutally strong on this exercise..

Kevin Larrabee does heavy sled pulls. I have the pleasure of training with Kevin and he is a beast. He trains like an animal and he’s really strong. We pull sleds a lot and he always pushes me. Watching this video, you can see why. This is one of my favorite ways to do sled work as well dragging the sled from behind using the TRX.

Jen Comas does some box squats. Here Jen knocks out some heavy 5×5 box squats with really nice form. Gotta love it.

Shon Grosse does squeeze plate chin-ups with 25 kg. I had never seen this method of loading chin-ups before, but it looks awesome. I have not tried it yet (will do so soon) but I can imagine it takes a lot of core strength to pull it off. Great work from Shon, and great idea.

Human farmers walks. Just like the name says. This one made me laugh.

Jim Bathhurst does muscle-ups on a rope. This is beyond impressive. Jim has one of my favorite You Tube channels because 1) he is unbelievably strong and 2) he does a bunch of cool and unique things that I have never seen before. I have an interview with Jim in the works so be on the lookout for that in the near future.

Self myofascial release talk with Nick Tumminello. Here Nick talks about all sorts of different things related to smr. As we have come to expect from Nick, this is some really great stuff.

Bret Contreras talks about load vector training. If you have not read Bret’s use of load vectors, be sure to check that out. If you have, this is great to explain it a little more. If you can get over the fact that he’s looking at Ronnie Coleman’s butt, there is a lot of good stuff here.

Shon Grosse gets crazy on the rings. Here Shon does some pretty crazy core work. I’m not really sure what to call it, but it looks brutal. I could feel my abs and hip flexors burning just watching this one. Shon has amazing strength and body control.

Tour of the Notre Dame varsity weight room. Here the lacrosse strength and conditioning coach, Hunter Truechet, takes us on a tour of the weight room and talks about his training a little bit. This is one of the most impressive weight rooms I have ever seen, all 24,000 square feet of it (yes, that’s not a typo). Holy moly.

Molly Galbraith does Romanian deadlifts with 235 pounds for 4 reps. Very strong stuff here from Molly. Does the booty good.

Rob Williams does a 225 pound single leg deadlift. Very strong work here from Rob, with controlled form too.

Jaime Rodriguez does eccentric bench press with 285 lbs for 3 reps. Yes, you read that correctly, 285 pounds for eccentric bench. Jaime only weighs around 180 pounds, which I think qualifies him as a complete freak. That’s crazy strong.

Tony Gentilcore shows the Palloff press “alphabet” using bands. Like the name states, write the alphabet while in the Palloff press position. This is much harder than it might sound. It’s also a go way to reinforce your ABC’s if you tend to forget them.

Tom Conners benches 315 lbs for 6 reps. This is some crazy upper body strength right here given Tom’s size. I can’t even fathom these numbers. Great work from Tom; he is a freak.

Eirik Forlie does 1.5 inverted rows with a towel grip. Here Eirik combines two inverted row variations I posted into one cool exercise that really works the back, grip, and core. I love to see people using my ideas and getting creative with them.

Molly Galbraith benches 120 pounds for 9 reps. Well, actually 9.5 reps, but we don’t count half reps. Nevertheless, this is some very strong work. Very impressive.

Jaime Rodriguez does eccentric front squats with 300 lbs. As anyone that has done them can attest, front squats are hard. It’s hard to keep your form right and your elbows up. It is even harder when you slow down the eccentric. Here Jaime shows great core strength by controlling the negatives with some really heavy weight. Great work here.

John Broz does a 145 kg (319 pound) snatch at 128 kg bodyweight. This is 3kg over the Pan-American record and 5 kg under the world record for his age and weight class. John is responsible for making a ton of strong lifters at his Average Broz gym but it is clear that he leads from the front.

Nick Tumminello shows a cool way to add ankle mobility into the yoga plex warmup. This one kills a whole bunch of birds with one stone. Great idea here from Nick.

Smitty Diesel shows a bunch of great anti-rotation core variations. Here Smitty shows a whole list of great exercises to keep your core strong and keep you from getting bored.

CJ Fort squats 402 pounds at 170 pounds bodyweight. If this were not impressive enough, CJ is only 18 years old. Add him to the increasingly long list of forklifts coming out of Average Broz gym.

Mike Robertson talks about lat activation during deadlifts. This is a very simple tip that will pay big dividends if you implement it.

Why Robert dos Remedios is successful. I am a big fan of Coach Dos. Here is a cool interview about how he got to where he is.

Ian Droze cleans 347 pounds at 71 pounds bodyweight. I love watching the videos from Average Broz gym because everyone is so frickin strong and they all use great technique. Muy impressivo.

Chase Karnes hits new personal best in the axle press of 308 pounds. Considering Chase only weighs around 200 pounds, this is ridiculously strong. Yikes.

John Romaniello discusses the dumbell swing. The kettlebell swing is a great exercise, but unfortunately, not a long of gyms have kettlebells. Roman gives you a good alternative here.

Jen Comas works on her bench press form. Here Jen does some light bench work as a chance to work on her form and analyze it through video. I wish more people would do this because it one of the most effective to improve and get better. Jen has made tremendous progress and this kind of stuff is a big reason why. More people should take a page out of her book.

Brian Carroll squats 1030 pounds with reverse bands. Uh, yea…that’s a lot of weight. I just can’t even fathom lifting these kinds of weights. It’s just crazy to watch. Wow.

Rob Williams does a pistol squat with a 55 lb kettlebell. Strong work with clean form…a killer combo. Nice job from Rob.

Joe Hashey shows a glute complex. Here is a quick series of drills that does not require any special equipment that can go a long way toward getting stronger, looking better, and staying healthy.

Christa Doran workouts out at 39 months pregnant. Makes all your excuses for skipping your workout suddenly seem bad huh?

John Romaniello does a deep bend dumbell row. I have never seen this variation before, but it definitely looks like it would stress balance and core strength while also switching up the normal pulling angle. I may have to try this one.

Doug Balzarini does 100 meter sprints on the rowing machine. These may be short, but this thing is brutal. One of my best friends did crew in college, and he tried to get me to do it a little bit, and it was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve tried. I don’t have access to one in my current gym but I do think it is a good piece.

Molly Galbraith shows “partner pushups.” Molly is waiting for her new gym equipment to come in, so in the meantime she got creative and thought of a cool way to do assisted pushups.

Jerry Shreck shows a bodyweight hip complex to help with strength, stability, and injury prevention.

Jaime Rodriguex does an upper body circuit using the TRX. I got tired just watching this one. Here Jaime does ten straight minutes of work, cramming as much as possible into that time. I imagine the pump must have been huge.

John Romaniello talks about the classic peanut butter sandwich. If you are a pb+j’s, you’ll love this. Roman shows just about every possible combo of nut butter and jellies to make these great.

The Ron Reed Project. Stevo Reed shows his client Ron undergo a really great transformation through lots of hard work. This guy is impressive.

Little kid attempts 200 kg deadlift. Maybe next time kid.

Great Marriage Proposal Ever. Gotta hand it to this guy. This is probably the coolest proposal I’ve ever seen.

Rain Delay Antics. Check out how Clemson and Davidson killed time during a baseball rain delay. This is hilarious. I wish I had been at this game. Be sure to watch this one all the way through. It’s long but it’s worth it—keeps getting better and better.

That’s all for this time. I hope you enjoyed the list. Please pass this post along for others to enjoy too.

Take care, and finish the week strong!