Good Reads for the Week (Special Easter Edition)

I am getting ready to head out the door to go visit my mom and grandmother in Florida for Easter, but first, as promised, I have put together another installment of Good Reads from the past week (or technically the last 4 days). Considering the short week, I think this turned out to be an excellent compilation, with 60 links in all. Truth be told, a list this size may actually be better than some of the mammoth ones I have been putting out recently because there is a possibility of actually making it through everything. In any case, between this, Wednesday’s For Your Viewing Pleasure with 60 awesome videos, and last week’s Good Reads with 120 links, it should keep you more than busy enough until I return next week.

Since I won’t be posting anything while I’m away, I thought I would also leave you with a bonus video as well. I took the past week off from training and was planning to get back to it today, but with my trip, that layoff will be extended to two weeks. As such, I snuck a kick workout in yesterday and did some glute-ham raises. Since I am normally stronger coming off a week off, I decided to try Overhead GHR’s again to see if I could pull them off. I was close before, but I could never quite maintain proper body position without breaking at the hips on the concentric. The week off certainly helped recharge my batteries, and it was a different story this time around. When I get back from my trip, I want to write a little bit about the importance of taking time off and discuss this exercise a bit more, but for now, just enjoy the video. This is an awesome exercise and my hamstrings keep reminding of that fact this morning every time I try to sit down.

Now let’s get to the list. While it may lack in quantity compared to prior lists, it certainly does not lack in quality. First, here are some posts you may have missed during the week.

Random Thoughts and Quick Hits

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Special Easter Edition

Watch and Learn

Good Reads (From Sunday, since I know you didn’t get through all 120 articles)

Ok, now for the list of the list. Time to sit back, get comfy, and enjoy.

Awesome interview with Mike Boyle

Awesome interview with Bret Contreras

Awesome interview with Lou Shuler. The audio is a little choppy in the beginning but stick with it because it’s some good stuff.

Regression Options for the Hip Hinge by Zach Moore

Corrective Exercise: Why Stiffness Can Be a Good Thing by Eric Cressey (Awesome stuff)

Nia Shanks discusses different applications of rest-pause training

Healthy Habits by Bret Contreras (Great stuff)

Reawaken Your Rhomboids by Dan John

Pictures of What Calories Look Like by Leigh Peele

Azz Builders by JC Deen

Random Training Thoughts from Mike Robertson. I like this a lot.

How to Improve Your Rate of Improvement by John Romaniello

Why Nobody Except Your Mom Reads Your Fitness Blog by Eric Cressey

The Power of the Snatch by Jason Ferruggia

Concussions in Hockey by Kevin Neeld

Back to the Future: Fast Forward Learning by Anthony Donskov

Is Sitting a Lethal Activity? by James Vlahos

The Cheat Meal Manifesto by Shelby Starnes

Random Thoughts from James “Smitty” Smith

Try Eccentric Training for Rotator Cuff Exercises by Charles Poloquin

The Four Strength Training Principles by Joe Hashey

Pushup Annihilation by Roger Lawson

Simple Is As Simple Does by Jason Bonn

Counting or Coaching by Mike Baltren

The Neuroscience of the Gut by Robert Martone

Quick Fix #1 for Running Technique by Matt Siniscalchi

Your Monday Morning of Zen by Nick Horton

Chris Beardsley interviews Doug Brignole about the overhead press

What is RKC? by Neghar Fonooni

What’s Your Sentence? by Tony Gentilcore

6 Key Factors in the Rehabilitation of Shoulder Instability by Mike Reinold

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them 100% of the Time by Dean Somerset

Cassandra Forsythe gives a recipe for protein banana walnut bars

How to Breathe Correctly by Mark Sisson

2 Fat Loss Foods You Should Never Be About by Nick Tumminello

The Role of Diagnostic Imaging for Low Back Pain by Jeff Cubos

Recent Training Videos from Chase Karnes

Is Ab Training Diminishing Your Curves? by Kellie Davis

Attack the Glute Medius with Band Drills by John Izzo

Eirik Forlie talks about the importance of water

Weekend Mentality by Rachel Cosgrove

17 Rules to Live By by Kevin Carr

Improve Your Warmup Economy by Stevo Reed

The Most Overrated Exercise by Josh Henkin

Eric Rokeach interviews Dr. John Spencer Ellis

Early Offseason Hockey Conditioning by David Lasiner

Coaching the Deaf? by Casey Wheel

Anti-Abs by Dean Somerset

Guaranteed Progress: Stop Spinning Your Wheels by Nic Peterson

Motivation Monday with Mike T Nelson

2 Interviews with Cassandra Forsythe

How Many Reps to Gain Muscle? by Tom Venuto

3 Ways to Improve Freestyle Kick with Stretching by John Mullen


Strength Coach Podcast Episode 78

The Fitcast Episode 211

Ok, that’s a wrap for this week. Hope you liked the list. If so, please pass it along for other’s to enjoy too.

With that, I’m off to Florida. I hope has a safe and fun Easter holiday.