For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 28

I am back from Florida and getting back in the swing of things faster than I thought I might, which is nice. I got back into the gym this morning for the first time in two weeks and had an awesome workout, which felt great (and by great, I mean I did walking lunges and now I’m ridiculously sore and hating life), and I and basically caught up with everything I fell behind on. I did not think I would be able to put together a video compilation this week, or at least not a good one, but lucky for you guys, I was able to pull it together and have it ready as planned. It’s another great one, with 40 videos in all, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Michael Keck hits a 570lb squat. Here Mike hits a 10 lb squat PR after doing a Sheiko program for 3 weeks. Considering how long Mike has been lifting and his advanced status a 10 lb increase in 3 weeks is pretty darn good. I’ve never tried Sheiko myself but it certainly as though it has worked well for Mike.

Jim Bathhurst shows the difference between 1 arm chins and no handed 1 arm chins. Both of these exercises are incredibly difficult, but the second one is straight bananas. Holy moly! Jim is an absolute beast and has incredible relative body strength.

Jim “Smitty Diesel” Smith shows a cool sled dragging variation to build core strength and leg strength at the same time. Here Smitty adds in an anti-rotation component to regular sled drags. Yet another awesome creation from Smitty. I love his creativity and outside the box thinking.

Joe Sansalone shows a fantastic mobility drill. Here Joe does a full body warmup in just minutes, and makes it look smooth for a white boy. I used to use this as part of my warmup too, but I have since moved on to the macerena and the stanky leg.

Joe Sansalone knocks out a pistol squat with a 48kg kettlebell. I couldn’t leave you with that last image of Joe, so I had to include this one too. Here Joe demonstrates tremendous strength and mobility. He is strong as heck and does everything with great form, which I love. Very impressive stuff.

Jen Grasso does single leg back extensions. This is an awesome yet difficult posterior chain exercise. Jen makes it look simple with perfect form, but it’s not that easy. I actually tried them a few months ago and couldn’t really do them very well, so I have an even greater respect for this performance. Great stuff from Jen, as usual. I also love the music in all of her videos.

Neghar Fonooni does a Turkish getup into a windmill. If not wasn’t enough, she does it with 28kg. This is a very impressive display of core strength. Makes you feel kinda bad about yourself right?

Jen Grasso does power wheel leg curls. I have not tried this exercise since I do not have a power wheel, but I can already tell I would love it because it mirrors the Valslide leg curl (which I love) and trains both knee flexion and hip extension. These kinds of exercises are much more difficult than Jen makes it look. Her form is perfect. Great stuff.

Molly Galbraith does Romanian deadlifts with 205 lbs for 5 reps. Here Molly shows how to build a nice posterior chain (aka butt) with this impressive display of strength. She makes this weight look light, but rest assured, it ain’t.

Zach Moore does glute-ham raises against bands. This is a great way to add resistance to ghr’s as the accommodating resistance provides more tension as you get higher up (where you are stronger). Zach goes through these with great form, keeping a straight line from his knees to his shoulders—much easier said than done.

Martin Rooney does a vacation workout on the beach with his daughter. This is both hilarious and cool at the same time. Martin’s daughter is a hoot, but this workout is always pretty great. I really liked this video and it’s good for a chuckle.

Keith Williams benches 315×7 at 183 pounds at Defranco’s Gym. Nothing really to say about this one other than WOW! Speaks for itself. That is some serious relative body strength.

Mike Perry talks about the difference between bodyweight and weighted pistol squats. Great stuff here.

Mike Mahler deadlifts 500 lbs. Strong stuff from Mike!

Zach Moore does front squat clusters. I always getting inspired watching Zach lift. Front squats are brutal as it is, but clusters are even worse. Great stuff here.

Lockout Life at Defranco’s Gym. It doesn’t look like these NFL guys are getting lazy with the lockout. Man do I hope they get this sorted out soon. I miss football!

Jen Grasso does Valslide fallouts. This is a great anti-extension that is quite a bit harder than the ab wheel due to the friction of the pads. I don’t why I don’t do this one more, but I should. I normally do bodysaws when I break out the Valslides, but I’m going to have these in more often.

Mike Boyle demonstrates the stability ball rollout. I have received three questions about the past week about what to do if you experience shoulder pain from ab wheel rollouts. Aside from maybe switching to something like a bodysaw, this might be my recommendation as it will be much more shoulder friendly.

Steve Hartman prepares for his powerlifting meet in 2 weeks. Here Steve films his second to last hard workout before the meet. It has been cool watching as he goes through prep and I look forward to seeing how he does. He is the strongest bencher for his size that I have ever seen in person.

Doug Balzarini does anti-rotation pulldowns. Here Doug plays around with the new TRX Rip Trainer and comes up with a cool looking exercise. I would definitely like to try out that new piece of equipment because it looks very cool.

Smitty Diesel interviews Dustin Denes. This is some GREAT stuff.

Bret Contreras does band good mornings. I was trying to explain how to do this exercise to a friend of mine two weeks ago because he was asking about stuff he could do at home at would work the hamstrings and lower back. I didn’t have a video myself (though I have done this exercise quite a bit) but I found this one from Bret. I do them basically the same way, except I take a much wider stance than Bret does here. Either way is fine, I just feel the wider stance feels better. In any case, it’s a great exercise.

Elsbeth Vaino does single leg RDLs with 125 lbs. No girlie weights for this girl. This is some very impressive strength and balance. This exercise is much more difficult than Elsbeth makes it look.

Dewey Nielsen does a promo video for his gym IPT (Impact Performance Training). I have always been of Dewey’s work, and this looks like an awesome place to train. If you live in Oregon, you’d be crazy not to check this place out. Very cool.

Michael Keck films a Sheiko workout. Here Mike does some deficit deadlifts, followed by the bench press, followed by rack pulls. These workouts seem absolutely brutal with all the volume, but it does seem to be working for Mike, so you can’t argue with results.

Candice Karnes bench presses 107.5 lbs for 3 reps for a new personal best. Candice is married to Chase Karnes, so it’s no surprise she is so strong. Still, she is yet example of a women that lifts heavy, is strong, and looks great. This list just keeps getting longer and longer. Coincidence? I think not.

Mike Mahler shows some explosive pushup variations to build explosive upper body power. I am a huge fan of pushups, and these are some great variations. Beware though: they are extremely difficult.

Molly Galbraith does deadlifts with chains. Here Molly does some pulling with about a million chains. Chains are cool because they provide accommodating resistance and look really badass. Love it.

John Emili free squats 500 lbs at Defranco’s Gym. Here John puts up 500 lbs like it were an empty bar. It’s scary how easy that looked. It’s no wonder this guy is so explosive.

Jeremy Frisch does spiderman jumps. I have done walking spidermans before, but I’ve never seen these jumps. It looks like a cool exercise that would be great as part of a complete warmup.

Chad Waterbury shows narrow grip inverted rows. If you follow my blog with any regularity, you know I’m borderline obsessed with inverted rows, so it is no surprise that I like this variation. Chad likes this one particularly to work the biceps with the closer grip. I have yet to try it, but I definitely will.

Doug Balzarini does heavy weighted chin-ups with 105 pounds. This is impressive to begin with, but it’s even more impressive when you consider Doug is holding a large portion of the weight in his feet, which I think is much harder.

Ted Toalston interviews Al Caslow. Al Caslow is one of the strongest people in the world for his size, so it is awesome to hear his thoughts on various topics. I enjoyed this.

Joe Hashey shows some good techniques for doing some self myofascial release on the foot. Foot are often overlooked, but they are very important. Here are some ways to teach care of them so they treat your right.

Doug Balzarini shows off good stretches to do in the office. This is a really cool idea for a video. We talk a lot about how desk jobs cause problems for our bodies, but Doug shows ways to counteract long bouts of sitting to minimize the damage.

Stevo Reed shows a cool inchworm variation for part of a warmup. This one puts more emphasis on the calves and ankles, which are two areas where many people are restricted.

Full Guide to Foam Rolling by Joe Hashey. I have become a big fan of using the foam roller, and this is a great guide for how to get started and do some of the basic maneuvers to help you feel better.

Chad Waterbury shows a good piriformis stretch. I do a very similar stretch prior to workout out and it helps a lot. It resembles the “pigeon” pose if you are familiar with yoga.

Terry Crews and Damon Wayans get crazy in the gym. I am definitely going to do this workout.

Hilarious. Don’t mess with these guys!

That’ll do it for this time. As usual, I did not post any of my own videos because the list is long enough as it is, but please be sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel to check out my new videos as they come up. I have a bunch of stuff waiting to be uploaded that should be up shortly.

I hope you enjoyed this list. If so, please pass it along for others to enjoy too! Take care, and finish the week strong.