Good Reads for the Week

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is getting geared up for a great week to come. I had a good one myself, starting with coaching yesterday morning followed by a great training session with my friends and fellow coaches at MBSC followed by the NCAA basketball tournament. My bracket is a complete disaster at this point, but I’m comforted by the fact that almost everyone else’s is too. If you picked the Final Four this year, I think it’s pretty clear you just put on a blindfold and picked names out of a hat. I guess that’s why they call it March Madness. It will be exciting to see how it plays out next weekend. I’m pulling for UConn all the way.

Anywho, I’ll get back on track: Good Reads. This may be the best list yet. I know I say this almost every week, but it is always true. It is the longest list anyway, with almost 110 articles and podcasts in all. That should keep you busy for awhile. I do not expect to be able to keep up this pace for long, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Before I get to it, here are four posts you may have missed from the past week.

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Good Reads for the Week (From last week, since you may not have had time to finish)

Ok, now for the rest of the list. This one is long so you may need to bookmark this page and tackle it in multiple installments. It’s great stuff though, so do your best to read as much as you can. No rush. So get comfy and get to it.

The Confidence Switch by Matt Kroc

You’re Not As Advanced As You Think You Are by Tony Gentilcore

27 Tips for Healthier Shoulders Part 1 by Jason Ferruggia

27 Tips for Healthier Shoulders Part 2 by Jason Ferruggia

Bret Contreras breaks down the single leg hip thrust

Train Like a Man by Martin Rooney

Fasting Can Change Your Life by Jen Grasso

The Three Step Training Process by Mike Robertson

7 Cooking Tips to Burn Fat Faster by Jason Ferruggia

For Killer Abs, Try Some…Push-ups? by Nick Tumminello

My Shocking Confession by Mark Young

Steve Troutman interviews Bret Contreras

Cervical and Lumbar Spinal Epidurals: What is Appropriate? by Craig Liebenson. I had a particular interest in this because prior to and shortly after my back surgery in 2005 I went through a series of unsuccessful epidurals myself.

The Dreaded (Fat Loss Plateau) by Jen Comas Keck

Wake Up Your Glutes by Nia Shanks

How Functional is Functional by Dean Somerset

Adopting Simplicity by Brendon Rearick

Back to Basics: Back Training Considerations by Joe Giandonato

Foam Roller Core Stability Series by Bret Contreras

Strength Training Methods to Consider by Jay Ashman

How to Break Through Training Plateaus: Part 1 by Joel Jamison

Research 101 by Leigh Peele

Smitty Diesel reviews good power clean technique

Being Stubborn With Phases or Progressions While Ignoring the Athletes Right In Front of You by Sam Leahy

Great Interview with Sean Skahan

Jen Grasso shares her training log

Fascia Lata: An important structure often overlooked by Patrick Ward

Get Serious, It’s Time to Get Strong by Zach Moore

How Adults Ruin Youth Sports by Lee Zimmerman

T-Spine and Shoulder Health: A Linked Issue by Anthony Donskov

Squatting Made Simple by Joe Bonyai

Sit Back, But Not On a Machine by Harold Gibbons

In Season Baseball Strength and Conditioning: Part 1 by Eric Cressey

In Season Baseball Strength and Conditioning: Part 2 by Eric Cressey

In Season Baseball Strength and Conditioning: Part 3 by Eric Cressey

In Season Baseball Strength and Conditioning: Part 4 by Eric Cressey

Implementation of Submaximal Training with Collegiate Football Players by Kyle Hobbs

.50 Caliber Training by Charles Poloquin

Top 10 Articles from Chad Waterbury by Chris Beardsley

3 Nutritional Strategies to Blast Through Muscle Building Plateaus by Charles Poloquin

Burning Calories is Easy by Charles Staley

Quick Nutrition Tip from Stevo Reed

Nice Butts, Healthy Guts…Eat Coconuts by Kellie Davis

Chocolate Chip Meal Replacement Bars by Jen Comas Keck

The Big P by Vern Gambetta

More on Progression by Vern Gambetta

I’m Glad We Agree by Sean Hyson

Reinventing a Classic by Josh Henkin

EMG Is Not the End All Be All For Exercise Selection by Sam Leahy

John Romaniello shaves his head to fight cancer

Lou Shuler Interviews Mike Roussell

The Gap by Alwyn Cosgrove

Mizzou’s Barefoot Warmup by Bryce Patterson

Roger Lawson interviews Korey Marciniak

Protein Pudding Recipe from Leigh Peele

A Weightlifter Consumes a Strength Coach by Doug Berninger

Jaime Rodriguez shares some interesting studies regarding running and long term heart health

Dean Somerset talks about fitness certifications

Choosing Conventional or Sumo Based On Your Bone Structure by Boris Bojanovic

Why Goals Do More Harm Than Good by Matt Perryman

Robbie Bourke reviews Gray Cook’s book Movement

The Best Coaching Book I’ve Ever Read? by Mike Boyle

Bench Press Alternatives for Bum Shoulders by David Lasiner

Brian St. Pierre gives a good nutrition tip (on Diesel SC)

4 Key Variables for an Effective Strength Program by Josh Bryant

School Lunch is a Joke by Kellie Davis

Leigh Peele reviews “Beyond Brawn”

Plague of the Joggers by Harold Gibbons

2 for 1 TRX Specials by Doug Balzarini

Nature’s Smarter Than People Think by Anthony Morando

Fast Food Solutions fro Fast Food Problems by Matt Perryman

Why Go Organic? by Jaime Hale

Parents Just Don’t Understand…Strength Training by Don Johnson

Paleo Nutrition Improved by Nate Miyaki

Random Thoughts from David Lasiner

Find Out Where You Are Weak, Then Get Strong by Damon Brobst

Jerry Shreck shows a workout from the Bucknell Men’s Lacrosse Team

Tales of a Fit Mom: Overcome by Julia Ladewski

Keep It Simple Workout Plan by Kevin Dineen

Olympic Lifting: Why Do We Suck? by JL Holdsworth

Can the Biggest Loser Workout Help You to Lose Weight? by James Fell

10 Take Home Thoughts from the Perform Better One Day by Kevin Carr

The “Magic Pill” Has Arrived by Doug Balzarini

A Kettlebell Coaching Session by Mike Robertson

The Evolution of My Garage Gym by Jaime Sulc

Failure Is Required by Mike T Nelson

John Izzo talks about making an online presence without being sleazy

How to Select a Trainer by Steve Troutman

Looking at the Literature: Body Mass, Serum Sodium Concentrations & Prolonged Exercise by Jeff Cubos

Agility for Athletes 14 and Up by Casey Wheel

Sweet Potato Disposition by Kellie Davis

Complex Bicep Workouts by Jerry Shreck

Blob Juggling by Jerry Shreck

Strength Coach 101 by Don Johnson

Increase Chinups and Improve Posture by Joe Hashey

Box Jump Technique by Todd Bumgardner

Harold Gibbons shares his training goals

Overload: The Gateway to Results by Adam Tombelaine

Random Thoughts from Leigh Peele

Membership Sites

Coach Dos breaks down the step up


The Fitcast Episode 209

The StrengthCoach Podcast Episode 76

Jim Laird interviews Jen Comas Keck

Jim Laird interviews Julia Ladewski

Jim Laird interviews Molly Galbraith

Jim Laird interviews Chase Karnes

Ok, that’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed the list. If so, please pass it on for others to enjoy too. And as always, if you have links you would like me to post, feel free to send me links and I will check them out.