For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 25

Well, the work week is halfway done already. I hope it’s been a good one for you. If not, this should make it a little better. I have compiled over 55 awesome videos from the last week so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

I first want to bring attention to a You Tube channel that I just came across this week from Molly Galbraith. Molly is a complete babe and fitness competitor that also happens to be brutally strong and actually does some powerlifting. Quite the killer combo. Her videos are really impressive and I suggest you subscribe to her channel HERE.

Ok, let’s get to it. Getcha popcorn ready!

Jen Grasso bench presses 135. Here Jen hits an awesome PR on the bench. This is extremely impressive, especially given her smaller stature. Welcome to pressing the big boy plates Jen!

Former Boston University hockey player does Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats with 230 pounds for 14 reps. This is very strong. I like watching people pushing the envelope with the single leg training and proving that you can in fact get strong with it. Hopefully in time more people will catch on and try it for themselves.

Jen Comas Keck does some heavy bench presses and pin presses. Here Jen handles 135 pounds on the bench press and then proceeds to smoke it for 3 reps on pin presses. It is Jen to follow her progress and watch her get stronger each week.

Molly Galbraith deadlifts 155 pounds for 40 reps. Yes, a 40 rep deadlift. Here Molly shows an unbelievable display of strength, endurance, and mental toughness. High rep deadlifts are absolutely friggin brutal but she powers through them like a champ.

Molly Galbraith does dumbell “Kroc” rows with 100 lbs for 18 reps. Again, this is just nuts. I’m pretty sure Molly has a boyfriend or else I would ask her to marry me.

Jeremy Frisch does a massive long jump. I have no idea how far this is, but it’s darn long. Jeremy is one explosive dude. Wow.

Michael Keck does heavy Safety Bar Squats. Here Mike works up to 450 pounds for a single and then does 335×5 paused. If you have ever used the SSB, then you know how hard it is. If you haven’t, trust me when I say this is VERY impressive work. That bar is a bear, but Mike makes it look easy.

Bret Contreras does half kneeling anti rotation presses. I really like the look of this variation with the long bar. Going half kneeling also works the rear glute in addition to working the obliques.

Martin Rooney does the “Finnbata.” Here Martin does something similar to the Tabata as far as work/rest intervals, but that’s where the similarities end. The work is done in a sauna at extreme temperatures while the rest is literally done in the snow. Yikes, that’s intense.

Kevin Carr hits a new personal best deadlift of 440 pounds. I have the pleasure of training with Kevin and it is awesome watching him improve and get stronger each week. It is also awesome to watch him walk around in his singlet (uh, did I say that out loud?).

Bret Contreras does the band back attack. Here Bret shows a cool exercise that he got from James “Smitty Diesel” Smith. I had never seen this before but it looks awesome for working the back, glutes, and maybe even hamstrings (I’d have to try it). Cool stuff.

Jessica Brady does 19 Hindu pushups in 1 minute. No girlie pushups for this girl. This is an incredible display of strength, endurance, and body control. Very nice.

Steve Hartman hits up a huge bench press. Here Steve benches 210 lbs with 200 lbs of chains. Yes, 200 pounds of chain. Steve is an animal on the bench and it is great to follow his progress as he gets ready for his powerlifting meet.

So You Think You Can Squat? This is the 5th installment of a series. Here Matt Wenning gives some tips for better squatting. The timing of this video is great because he is suggesting woking on glute-ham raises, which I have been preaching the last couple weeks. I would take this guy’s advice very seriously not just because it is the same thing I advised, but because he definitely know what he’s talking about (he squats over 1,000 pounds himself).

Steve Beregeron bench presses 300 pounds for the first time. Here Steve hits a big milestone on the bench press, the vaunted 300. Nice work Steve!

Jeremy Frisch does 180 hurdle jumps. Here Jeremy displays his agility, power, and strength while making his way through the hurdles. This is very hard stuff but it looks easy because Jeremy is so smooth.

Jen Comas does some heavy squats. Here Jen films her squat workout as she works up to a top set of 200×3. Great stuff as usual. What I like is that she puts herself out there for critique and tries to learn as much as possible. Here, for example, she acknowledged the squats were a bit high and asked advice on how to fix the issue. No wonder she is improving as fast as she is.

Vincent Dicenzo benches 600 pounds, raw. This is some crazy strength. Nothing more to say really. Just watch for yourself.

Joe Kenn shows a reverse lunge to step up combo. I have actually posted this before but I am considering giving them a try and went back and watched it and thought I would repost it. It definitely looks like a tough one.

Josh Henkin talks about the benefits of sandbag training. I have personally not used sandbags too much, only because I have never had them at my disposal. It is something I’d like to try though. It seems like there are a lot of cool applications to spice things up and give a nice change of pace.

Fawn Friday does her first weightlifting competition. Here Fawn hits a personal best in the clean and jerk of 142.5 pounds. Wow. Now that is strong.

Nick Tumminello shows Angled Barbell Underhooks. Here Nick uses his creativity to create a cool MMA spefici exercise. I love how Nick thinks outside the box and uses his brain to come up with great new ways to improve upon existing exercises.

Dave Diehl performs explosive Prowler rows and plank Prowler rows. Here Dave (of the New York Giants) gets after it at Defrancos Gym. I love watching top athletes behind the scenes getting down and dirty.

Brian Cushing and Sinorice Moss get wild. Here Brian attacks some Prowler plank rows while Sinorice does some band resisted kettlebell swings. Nice to see them staying on top of their game during the lockout.

John Romaniello shows the Roman deadlift. This is a cool combo of a deadlift and a Romanian deadlift. I have yet to try this but I can imagine it just fries the hamstrings.

Michael Keck does hamstring bodycurls. This is an awesome hamstring exercise and I am glad Mike has added them to his program and is seeing good results from them.

Chase Karnes does a paused front squat with 365 pounds. Strong!

Smitty Diesel gives some great tips for performing power cleans.

Frankie Addelia does the “Shattuck” TRX complex to build explosive power. This looks really tough.

John Broz does a 342 pound power clean at 42 years young. John is responsible for getting a ton of young lifters strong at his gym, but it is clear that he leads from the front. Very impressive display.

Vince McConnell shows a sandbag reverse lunge to rotational clean. This looks like a really cool movement to work basically the entire body in one motion.

Mike Boyle breaks down the stability ball rollout. Rollouts are butchered all the time, so it’s great to have Coach Boyle give solid directions as to how to perform the exercise correctly.

How to Perform Power Cleans, Part 2. Here Smitty Diesel gives the second installment in a series in how to execute the power clean.

Bret Contreras does heavy band resisted good mornings. This is a great exercise to use when you are on the road and cannot get into a gym. I have done these with several bands, but I never even considered them doing as heavy as Bret does here for lower reps. Interesting idea. Bret does them here with a rounded back for practice with his strongman training, but I would recommend using an arched back for most purposes for safety.

Joe Hashey performs “V” inverted rows. This is similar to a variation that I call “slide” rows. I like this because it adds a nice unilateral component and provides a good change of pace.

Ross Enamait gives a suspension strap tutorial. This video is a follow-up to a prior tutorial, but there is some good stuff here.

Dean Somerset shows his female client Erin deadlift 235 pounds. Gotta love it.

Charles Poloquin talks about resistance curves vs. force curves. This is some really interesting stuff.

Roger Lawson films a good workout. Here Roger does some heavy weighted chinups, heavy front squats, and decline glute-ham raises. I really like the exercise selection and Roger does a great job with them.

Elsbeth Vaino demonstrates a feet elevated side plank with the TRX. This is a cool progression to add difficulty to side planks by introducing an element of instability.

Todd Bumgardner shows an easy way to do self myofascial release on the foot. I admit that I pay very little attention to my feet, and often forget to do myofascial release on them when I am doing foam rolling, but when I do remember, I am always amazed at how good I feel afterward. I recommend trying this stuff out for yourself.

Chris Duffin bench presses 405 pounds for 5 reps using the Sling Shot, then performs bottoms up kettlebell presses with 63 pounds for reps. Very strong stuff here.

Pat Flynn does the “Man Maker” (or Woman Maker) kettlebell complex. This looks like a simple yet effective way to work on conditioning or fat loss.

How to fix winging scapula and shoulder pain. Here Elliot Hulse gives some suggestions as to how to address these issues.

John Barban talks about gaining weight vs. gaining muscle. This can be valuable for those people looking to get bigger.

Daniel Sambrano goes “off the chain.” Here Daniel shows his clients using the chains in a similar way as battling ropes with some different moves thrown in as well. This looks like a really tough workout. I would imagine this would make the shoulders burn like crazy, even more so than the ropes due to the heavier weight.

Elsbeth Vaino shows a stability ball partial rollouts. I think rollouts are one of the best core exercises around. However, they are quite difficult, and many people struggle to do them properly at first. Here Elsbeth shows a great regression to be able to practice them before moving on to full stability ball rollouts and finally ab wheel rollouts. Great idea.

Jason Bonn does heavy reverse lunges. Here Jason does barbell reverse lunges with 215 pounds at a weight of 170 pounds. To make it more impressive, he uses a front squat grip. Very strong.

Mike Stehle does pull-ups with 70 lbs added. Here Mike does dead hang pull-ups (harder than chin-ups) for reps, using great form. This is very impressive. Nice work!

Michael Rigney shows thick rope inverted rows. I love this exercise for building back, grip, and core strength. Kills lots of birds with one stone.

Jaime Rodriguez knocks out Hindu pushups. Here Jaime does as many as he can in 60 seconds. If it weren’t for the time limit, he looks like he could go all day. I have not tried these before, but I’m sure they aren’t as Jaime makes them look.

Mike Curtis talks about his philosophy as a strength and conditioning coach. Mike works with men’s basketball at the University of Virginia. I like what he has to say because he seems to take a very balanced approach to what makes a good athlete.

Brad Schoenfeld talks about the functional fitness continuum. This is just a short blurb from a longer presentation, but it sounds like some interesting stuff.

Joe Hashey takes footage from his gym. Here Joe shows a bunch of guys in his gym getting after it. Looks like a great atmosphere with lots of good stuff going on.

Dan Gableman does rotational rows. This is cool rowing variation that really works the core as well as teaching good rotational movement skills. This is another addition to big collection of exercises that Dan demonstrates on his You Tube page. Check it out.

Zuzanna does the 300 rep Nightmare workout. It might be a nightmare for her while she’s doing it, but I like it just fine.

Twin babies have a conversation. This is freakin hysterical. I am completely convinced that they are communicating in some form and not just making noise. Very cool.

That’ll do it for this time. As usual, I did not post any of my own videos, but please be sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel to check out my new videos as they come up.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Please pass it along for others to enjoy too.