For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 24

I hope everyone is having a good week thus far. If not, this should make it a little better. I have put together one of my biggest compilations of great videos from the past week. I always worry that each week I will not be able to match the list from the previous week, but somehow it always does, and often times it ends up surpassing it.

Before I get into the videos, I want to bring your attention to a new You Tube channel from Rachel Guy. Don’t let the name fool you; Rachel is all lady. She is smoking hot and freakin strong. I highly suggest you subscribe to her channel and I look forward to watching her videos as they come out. Check it out HERE.

Ok, now for the list. It’s a doozy so you may want to grab a snack or something because this could take awhile. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. But first, here is a picture of Rachel.

Rachel Guy does hip thrusts with 220 lbs. Here Rachel busts out some heavy hip thrusts, complete with good music. This makes the video awesome on many levels.

Jeremy Frisch does a pushup 180. I’m really not sure what to call this, but it’s freakin awesome. When I first saw this my jaw dropped. Holy explosiveness!

Michael Keck hits a squat personal best of 560 lbs. Here Michael hits a raw squat PR, 10 pounds better than his previous best when he weighed 25 pounds more. That’s just awesome. To top it off, he even throws in some paused squats with 405 lbs for reps. That just ain’t right.

Michael Keck turns 30. Today also happens to be Mike’s birthday. His wife Jen and his family put this together and I thought I would embarrass him by putting it up. In all honestly, I think this is really sweet and I had a good chuckle. Mike is a good friend of mine and I wish him the best. Happy birthday big guy!

Jen Grasso does a killer lower body finisher. This sled drag and reverse sled drag combo is something I do twice a week, so I can speak from experience when I say this is brutal. Of course, Jen looks much better than I do while she does it.

Bret Contreras shows a workout you can do at home with no added equipment. The good news: now you’ve got some great ideas. The bad news: now you’ve got no excuses for missing your workouts.

Jeremy Frisch demonstrates the jump to lunge. This is a great drill to teach athletes how to both create and absorb force. This is actually a pretty difficult maneuver but Jeremy does is remarkably well: very fluid and powerful.

Vertical Pulling on the TRX. Here Coach Dos shows an awesome way to get some vertical pulling done on the TRX straps. I have never seen this before but this is some good stuff. Very creative.

Martin Rooney kills his powerlifting meet. Here Martin sets six age and weight records in the WNPF with this incredible performance. This is awesome and shows that Martin not only talks the talks but walks the walk. It is crazy how strong he is. Yikes.

72 year old woman crushes the agility ladder. Here Nick Tumminello shows one of his clients getting after it at 72 years young. This is truly remarkable. She does a darn good job I must say, proving age is just a number.

Female performs 20 consecutive pistol squats. Wow, that’s really freakin impressive.

Bret Contreras goes over different variations of chops and lifts. Here Bret shows a series of variations to make these exercises more challenging and effective.

Zach Even Esh hits up some high rep squats. It is no secret that high rep squats are one of the hardest things you can do in the gym. For that reason, I have a ton of respect for anyone that gives it a real try. Zach does, and he puts on an impressive performance. To me, it’s made all the more impressive by the fact that he’s using a safety squat bar. That thing is a bear.

Steve Hartman benches 350 pounds to a half foam roller at a bodyweight of 181 pounds. Steve is an incredible bench presser. I had the pleasure of training with him during this session and it is amazing how easy he makes these heavy weights look. He is 8 weeks out from a bench press competition and I am looking forward to see what he can do in that time.

Steve Hartman benches 315×3. Again, he makes it look so easy.

Robert “Coach Dos” Remedios shows some bodyweight complexes. This is some tought stuff. I got tired just watching this video. I like this because a lot of times you hear of coaches writing programs they have never tried. Here Coach Dos puts his money where his mouth is and gets after it.

Bret Contreras shows a cool deadlift variation. Here Bret shows a way to get the glutes involved more in typical RDL. This is cool because it focuses on the hamstrings on the eccentric and the glutes on the concentric.

Georgia Southern 2011 football offseason training highlights. This is a highlight video of the training throughout the spring semester as well as the end of the semester testing. A lot of college training videos you see show tons of bad form, high squats, etc., but for the most part this is really solid. These guys look strong and they are generally technically sounds as well. Very cool.

Dave Tate and John Meadows train legs. Both of these guys train extremely hard and use lots of added intensity techniques. My quads burned just watching this.

Louie Simmons talks about training at over 90%.

Doug Balzarini does a circuit on the Total Gym. Here Doug performs 5 different movements on the Total Gym to hit all the major muscle groups. Very creative stuff here from Doug.

Before the Overhead Press. Here Joe Bonyai gives a series of things to do before attempting th overhead press. These are great suggestions to reduce the risk of injury.

Bret Contreras shows a cool core stability series using the foam roller. Here are so simple (not to be confused with easy) drills to work on core stability. I tried some of them and they are much harder than they look.

Martin Rooney has Rich Sadiv show a “Sadiv” set to improve the deadlift. The idea is to get as many singles as possible in 12 minutes with 60% of your max. That just sounds friggin brutal. The fact that Rich does it with 405 pounds is just nutty.

The “Sadiv” bench press set. Here you do 90% of your 1 rep max and try to do a rep every 30 seconds for ten minutes. Wow, that sounds nearly impossible but it sounds like a great way to try to bust through a plateau. Here Martin also makes some really heavy weight look like child’s play.

Ian Droze does a 150 kg (330 pound) clean at 70 kg. Add Ian to the increasingly long list of strength freaks at Average Bros gym.

Tyler Thuente front squats 200 kg (440 pounds) at 115 kg bodyweight. Add yet another name to the list. This gym just churns out freaks.

65 inch tire jump. Here Zach Even Esh shows a guy jumping onto a 65 inch tire on the first try. That’s over 5 feet! I guess white boys can jump after all.

Ross Enamait gives a tutorial for the suspended wrist roller. Here Ross shows a cool way to improve grip strength. Ross yet again shows his tremendous creativity.

Steve Lent does Goblet Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats with the front foot elevated. Steve does this as part of last week’s Diesel Crew Strength Challenge. This was a great effort, and I love seeing people adopt exercises that I suggest. Good form and great effort here from Steve.

Jaime Rodriguez beasts some goblet squats. Here Jaime attempts the Diesel Strength Challenge with a very impressive performance. He got my vote.

Michael Malfi goblet squats his children and his furniture. Here Michael gets super creative with the Diesel Strength Challenge. You have to see it to believe it.

Joe Hashey shows the bow and arrow dumbell bench press. I have always called this the alternating dumbell bench press, but either way, it’s a favorite of mine.

Dalton Hunter shows TRX “wheelbarrows.” This looks like a pretty cool exercise that would hit well into a conditioning circuit.

Doug Balzarini shows a TRX row to a triceps extension. This looks like a cool move to kill two birds with one stone.

Doug Balzarini shows a combo TRX biceps curl to row. Again, a good bang for the buck.

Doug Balzarini shows a TRX burpee to scorpion combo. This combo looks tough because it challenges the core while also adding a metabolic component.

Joe Bonyai demonstrates a great stretch to improve squat technique by addressing hip mobility.

Jaime Sulc gets after it during a lower body workout. Here Jaime does some deadlifts, split squats, fallouts, sleds, and more. Good stuff.

Zach Even Esh does some cool bodyweight moves. If you read my blog at all you know I love bodyweight training. Here Zach strings together some great stuff into a killer workout.

Tom Conners shows a female client doing ring pushups. No girlie pushups for this girl. Very impressive display of strength.

Stevo Reed shows his girlfriend doing ring pushups with feet elevated. Very nice.

Dalton Hunter does band resisted pushups with an extended range of motion. This looks like a simple way to add resistance as well as allow for a great stretch. I may have to try this one myself.

Dan Gableman demonstrates Valslide hip flexion. This is a great variation when you do not have access to a cable station. Dan has a whole bunch of valuable exercises demonstrated on his You Tube channel so I suggest you give it a look.

Charles Poloquin talks about grip training. Your grip can never be too strong.

Smitty Diesel interviews Rob Pilger. Here Rob talks about getting real results with clients.

Rob Pilger talks about whether he believes athletes need to develop maximal strength. This is part 2 of Rob’s interview with Smitty Diesel.

17 Habits of Highly Successful Fitness Pros. Here Eric Rokeach gives a list of things he feels is important in order to have success as a fitness professional.

Zuzana does the Burpee Fusion workout. I’m pretty sure Zuzana does some sort of circuit here. To be honest, I wasn’t really paying attention.

That’ll do it for this week folks. As usual, I did not post any of my own videos, but please be sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel to check out my new videos as they come up.

I hope you enjoyed the list. If so, please pass it on for others to enjoy too!