Good Reads for the Week

The week’s just keep flying by. Another Sunday means yet another installment of Good Reads. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to put a list together, but it actually turned out to be one of the best lists yet. I had a test I had to take this past Friday so I figured I’d be studying for that all week, but in reality, “studying” turned into reading more articles while I put off really studying. Funny how that works. Lucky for you, my procrastination means a great compilation of articles and podcasts from the past week. Everything I read this week came directly from Facebook and Twitter. If you are not already following me on Twitter, be sure to do so HERE. I did not think I would like it when I first signed up, but it is growing me the more I get used to it and figure out how it works.

Before I give you the list, here are a few things you may have missed throughout the week.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 19

The Road to 300

Exercise of the Week: Reverse Sled Drags

Now for the rest of the list. Sit back, get comfy, and enjoy…

Eric Rokeach interviews Robert dos Remedios

The Hero Handbook by Nate Green

Interview with Nick Tumminello

Drop the Deadlift by Jason Ferruggia

Bret Contreras talks about gyms in New Zealand

Cancer: The Ultimate Guide for Trainers and Survivors by Dean Somerset

Cardio: What to Do? by Stevo Reed

Spot Reduction is Real? by Mark Young

Carb Cycling Made Easy by Jason Ferruggia

What’s Love Got to Do With It? by Valerie Waters

Evade the Ego by Stevo Reed

Are You Really Healthy? by Tony Gentilcore

10 Exercises to Stop Doing by Craig Ballantyne

5 Reasons to Train the Rotator Cuff by Eric Cressey

Ask Bret Contreras

Top 3 Reasons Not to Play a Sport Year Round by David Lasiner

Will You Flinch? by Smitty Diesel

How Many Sets and Reps? by Eric Cressey

Recover More, Grow More by Mark Rippetoe

5 Ways to Increase Your Press by Jim Wendler

Random Thoughts from Zach Moore

Anthony Renna talks about training a professional golfer

Kevin Carr talks about auto-regulation and trisets

Shoulders That Don’t Break by Rich Thaw

Cleats, Cones, and Calisthenics by Jeremy Frisch (Guest Blog for Patrick Ward)

Olympic Lifting is Motor Learning by Jeff Cubos

Is Doing Abs a Waste of Time? by Mike Boyle

Throw Away the Scale by Jaime Rodriguez

Chase Karnes talks about his training and coaching

Push-ups by Jeremy Frisch

Improving Your Bench Press Arch by Mike Robertson

Anterior Core Progression by David Lasiner

Strength Isn’t Enough for Athletes by Joe Hashey

Genetics vs. Hard Work Part 3 by Jason Colenzo

NO Explode Exposed by Kevin Neeld

Be Competitive it’s Good for You by Jaime Rodriguez

Tony Gentilcore talks about kettlebell suitcase carries

Qualitative Characteristics of Strength by Doug Berninger

Damon Brobst on Consistency

Random Thoughts from Steve Bergeron

10 Ways to Make Progress in the Gym by David Coffin

Are Your Shoulders Holding You Back? by Damon Brobst

Does Fat Make You Fat by Joseph Martinez

More on cardio from Stevo Reed

Membership Sites

Will the FMS Cure Most Communicable Diseases? by Mike Boyle

Research vs Real Life by Jim Kielbaso

Chaos Sport Speed Training by Coach Dos

Making and using the sloshball by Coach Dos


The Fitcast Episode 205

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 74

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed the list. Please check back soon for more updates, and remember to follow me on Twitter as well.