Good Reads for the Week

This was vacation week for schools in Massachusetts, meaning I had the week off as well. I was supposed to go to California this past Tuesday, but that was put on hold due to a series of car problems that still haven’t been resolved. It’s been annoying, but what can you do but try to make the best of it? My bad fortune is your good fortune because I had more time to read, meaning my list of Good Reads is even better than normal. In fact, this is the biggest and best compilation yet–over 80 selections in all. The vast majority of what I read this week came directly from Facebook and Twitter, so if you are not already following me on Twitter, be sure to do so HERE.

Before I give you the list, here are a few things you may have missed throughout the week.

Announcements and Thanks You’s (With Video)

For Your Viewing Pleasure; Take 20

Random Thoughts and Quick Hits

Now I’d like to bring attention to an answer new website from my friend Jen Grasso. When I interviewed Jen back in January (check it out HERE), she mentioned she was starting a blog/website, and it is finally here. I highly recommend you check it out by clicking HERE or by going to

You can also connect with Jen on Twitter @JenGrasso and on Youtube.

Ok ok, now for the list. As I mentioned, this is without-a-doubt the largest list of articles I have ever put together at once, so I don’t expect you to get through it all at once (or even twice or three times). Try to get through as much as you can though because there really is a lot of great information here. I can assure you the future lists will not all be this long, so if you can’t get through it all now you can always check back in the subsequent weeks and catch up. For now though, I’ll quit blabbering and let you get right into it. Get comfy and get to it!

101 Ways to be Epic by Smitty Diesel

A Debate Between Powerlifting vs. Olympic Weightlifting as the Main Athletic Training Method by Jack Johnson

Tone: Is That a Scientific Term? by Mike Boyle

Random Thoughts from Bret Contreras. Bret took a small blogging break while he moved half way across the world but he came back with a vengence this week with lots of great stuff.

Diesel Strength Challenge Number 2 (Give this a try!)

Carb Cycling Made Easy Part 2 by Jason Ferruggia

Nia Shanks interviews Jen Grasso

Weight Loss, Fat Loss, and Calories by Mark Young

Correcting Excessive Lumbar Extension by Zach Moore Monday is Zach’s birthday so in honor of that I think you should subscribe to his You Tube channel as well (click HERE). It is some incredibly impressive stuff.

Bret Contreras discuss his favorite type of squat

What I learned in 2010 by Eric Cressey

Marianne Kane interviews Bret Contreras

No Excuses, No Limits by Jason Ferruggia

8 Keys to Breaking Into the Field by Kevin Carr

Strong in the Stretch by Jeremy Frisch

Jen Sinkler answers your questions

Theories of Motor Skill Acquisition by Joshua Rucci

10 Nuggets of Wisdom from Jim Wendler

Bret Contreras interviews Jurdan Mendigutxia

Bodybuilding Back for Healthy Shoulders by Mike Robertson

Building a Strong Neck by Joey Giandonato and Todd Bumgardner

In Season Training- The Concept by Vern Gambetta

In Season Training- Applications by Vern Gambetta

Spot Reduction is Real? by Mark Young

Training Youth Athletes and Owning the Pushup by Brendon Rearick

Narrowing the Bullseye by Matt Perryman

Shelby Starnes on carb cycling (interview with Jason Ferruggia)

NSCA Tidbits from Bret Contreras

Dean Somerset discusses the ramifications of bad posture

Transfer Effect by Michael Hartman

Leave the Belt On by Matt Perryman

Hip to be Square Part 1 by Tony Gentilcore

Hip to be Square Part 2 by Tony Gentilcore

Deadlift Semantics by Charlie Weingroff

Movement Training by Jeremy Frisch

My Personal Comeback by Josh Henkin

15% Down by Alwyn Cosgrove

You Don’t Know How Good You Have It by Dean Somerset

300 Workout, Performance U Style by Nick Tumminello

Red Carpet Ready Workout from Valerie Waters

Kevin Neeld interviews Kevin Larrabee about BodyByBoyle Online

How Many Sets and Reps Part 2 by Eric Cressey

Diagnosing the Pushup by Stevo Reed

Are Our Youth Athletes Soft? by Craig Liebenson

6 Seconds to the Kettlebell Swing by Joe Bonyai

Why Being Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough Anymore by Roger Law

Clock In and Do Work by Alwyn Cosgrove

Midsection Madness for MMA by Doug Balzarini

Quick Fix for Groin Pain by David Lasiner

Why Do Lunges? by Steve Bergeron

Understanding Trigger Points by Connor Collins

Common hip disorder can cause sports hernia

Intro to Training for Power by Joshua Rucci

2 Seconds to Peak Performance by Michael Ranfone

Monday Moment of Zen by Nick Horton

10 Best Articles from Louie Simmons by Chris Beardsley

Shattering Plateaus in 3 Easy Steps by Jess Banda

Pros vs. Joes by Eric Cressey

All About Nutrition by Justin Levine

3 Lessons for Hockey Parents by Kevin Neeld

No Program, No Problem by Damon Brobst

8 Week Soccer Preseason Plan Part 4 by Mladen Jovanovic

Brijesh Patel talks about tight hamstrings

Developing Explosive Power for MMA by Joel Jamison

Neghar Fonooni spotlights her client Jaime Murphy

Scalenes: Breathing and the Thoracic Spine by Patrick Ward

The Illusion of the Rounded Back by John Izzo

How to Work Out on the Road by Dean Somerset

The Clean Volume Concept by Mike Robertson

The Benefits and Myths of Speed Ladders by Casey Wheel

11 Must Do Muscle Building Exercises by Joe Hashey

Program Components for In-Season Training by Doug Berninger

Franz Snideman talks about the importance of following a plan

To All My Friends Who Can’t Gain Weight by David Lasiner

Why We Fitness Folk Suck At Coaching Ourselves by JC Deen

Random Thoughts from David Coffin

Robbie Bourke talks about Energy Systems Development

Exercise Makes You Smarter? by Matt Skeffington

Membership Sites

Keeping it Simple by Matt Smith

Awesome Cable Complexes from Robert dos Remedios

Go-to Valside Moves from Coach Dos

Conditioning on Stationary Bikes: Pros and Cons by Robbie Bourke


The Fitcast Episode 206

Jim Kielbaso interviews Bret Contreras

Dr. Perry interviews former Miss USA Graziella Baratta

Dr. Perry interviews NY Yankess Head Strength Coach Dana Cavalea. It took a lot for me to post this one since I’m a big Red Sox fan, but it is some really good stuff.

Interview with David Tenney

That about does it for this time. I hope you enjoyed it. Please do me a favor and pass it on for others to see as well. I would like as many people to benefit from the information as possible.

Take care, and here’s to another great week!