For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 20

It’s hard to believe that an entire week has gone by since the last installment of For Your Viewing Pleasure, but unless my calendar is lying to me, it has. This week is technically vacation week at MBSC since it is the public school vacation week, but I have actually been even busier than normal, mostly dealing with car bs and other fun stuff like that. Lucky for you though, I have still managed to keep a running of great videos from the past week, so fear not. I think I’m going to make a concerted effort to get this post up by Thursday each week because I have found that not as many people read my blog over the weekend (what’s up with that?) and thus many times these video compilations get missed when I post it on Friday evening. So with that out of the way, let’s get right to it. It’s another great list with a lot of variety.

As usual, I did not post any of my own videos, but please be sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel to check out my new videos as they come up. I have posted some cool new ones this week and have several more on the way. The subscriptions have slowed down recently but please keep them coming. I have had a great week of training myself (I tend to use breaks as my time to really ramp it up in the gym) but I am way behind in getting some of my recent personal bests uploaded. I apologize for that and promise to get them up shortly, so please subscribe and be in the loop there. I am very close to 700 subscribers so please help me hit that number and then some. Thanks.

Now for the list. Sit back and getcha popcorn ready.

Nick Tumminello does 1 arm pushups with feet elevated. As if 1 arm pushups aren’t hard enough, Nick goes and does them with feet elevated. This is just flat out crazy. I love it.

Neghar Fonooni does a Turkish getup with 32 kg (70 pounds). This is crazy strength coming from Neghar, who weighs all of 123 pounds. Yikes! When she posted this video she commented that she was not completely satisfied with the form, but it looks pretty darn good to me.

Darrel Hobson does walking lunges with 495 pounds. That is not a typo. 495 pounds. When I saw the title I figured it was going to be ugly, but these look surprisingly stable. Holy moly.

Jim Bathhurst does a blindfolded handstand. Again, when I saw the title for this one, I thought there was no way it was going to look as good as it does. This is freakin crazy. Jim yet again shows amazing strength and body control.

Michael Keck does some squats and deadlifts. Here Mike films a lower body workout and kills it as usual.

Help Roman Fight Cancer. Here John Romaniello asks for donations for part of his St. Baldricks Day promise to shave his head to help fight juvenile cancer. This is a very nice gesture from Roman, and he offers free workouts for people that donate. Check it out.

Joe Sansalone does double kettlebell swings with 28 kg kettlebells. This is a lot of freakin weight to be using for swings, and it is all the more impressive when you take into account Joe’s flawless technique and tremendous explosiveness.

Nick Horton does snatches at the 2011 Ironmind Weightlifting Championships. Here Nick snatches heavy weight like it’s an empty bar. These are incredibly explosive. Honestly, I thought he was going to throw the freakin bar to the ceiling. Very impressive display of strength and technique.

Tony Gentilcore does some crazy farmer’s walks. Here Tony combines farmer’s carries and Prowler drags into a giant hot mess. I’m not sure what to call this, but it’s pretty darn impressive. I can imagine this must have burned something crazy. I want to try it.

Dave Rak does a 160 yard farmer’s walk. 160 yards. That’s like 1.5 football fields. And he doesn’t do it with light weight either. He’s got 110 pounds in each hand. I can feel my forearms burning just watching this.

Ross Enamait gives a slider exercise tutorial. Here Ross talks about furniture sliders, which can be a cheaper alternative to Valslides. I get a lot of questions about what to do if you don’t have Valslides (I highly recommend them), so this is something you could do. Ross then shows some great moves, many of which are my favorites with the Valslides.

Shelby Starnes attacks his hamstrings with some assisted glute ham raises. This is a very cool technique to assisted GHRs because it allows you to apply just enough force to complete the movement without relying on momentum, which is what happens when you do them with a pushup at the bottom. It seems like a great way to also focus on keeping constant tension on the muscle. Cool idea.

Jim Wendler squats 505 pounds for 3 reps.

Jen Grasso does heavy barbell glutes bridges. Here Jen performs glute bridges with good form and a lot of weight, which is a killer combo for a great butt.

Kevin Carr shows a simple yet effective triset for mobility, activation, and strength. This is a good way to cover all your bases in a short amount of time before getting in to your main lift.

Tom Mutaffis training compilation. Here is a training compilation from pro strongman Tom Mutaffis. To say this guy is strong would be an understatement. Crazy stuff here.

Brendon Rearick shows a great way to teach pushups to a large group. If you have you ever tried to tell a group of kids to give you some good pushups, you know it can often get pretty ugly. Here Brendon provides a good progression to help speed up the process on learning how to do them right. Great stuff here.

Neghar Fonooni does bottoms up kettlebell presses with 16 kg for 4 reps. This is an extremely difficult. If you haven’t tried it, it’s hard to fathom just how much tougher it is pressing “bottoms up.” Of course, Neghar makes it look easy.

If that wasn’t enough, here Neghar goes an presses the 20 kg kettlebell. Wow.

Doug Berninger cleans 125 kg for a new personal best. Very strong stuff here from Doug.

Jaime Rodriguez front squats 280 lbs for 6 reps. Big time strength here from Jaime to go along with nice depth and form.

Zach Even Esh does some crazy pushups. Here Zach does a couple cool pushup variations along with some inverted rows.

LPGA golfer Nanette Hill trains with Anthony Renna at Five Iron Fitness. Think golfers aren’t athletes? Think again. Here Nanette gets after it in her off season in the winter months.

Mark Bell gives some tips for a bigger bench press. Mark is an unbelievably strong bencher, so I would listen closely to anything he has to say.

Smitty Diesel shows a neat tip for overloading lat pulldowns. This looks like a simple and quick solution for people that have maxed out the weight stack for lat pulls.

Spencer Moorman snatches 160 kg. Here Spencer lifts some big time weight followed by a big celebration. Think he was happy?

Jaime Murphy does barbell single leg deadlifts. Here Jaime demonstrates tremendous strength and balance with this tough single leg exercise. Check out the form!

Dave Rak hang cleans 205 pounds for 3 reps. Here Dave sets a new personal best on cleans. Great work.

Doug Balzarini shows the TRX bodysaw with knee drive. The bodysaw is a tough exercise as it is. Doug steps it up and adds another component to make it extra brutal but also making it more efficient than simply being an anti-extension exercise.

Smarter Team Training talks with Mike Wehrell about training the hip flexors. Here Mike talks about training the hip flexors using the Vertimax. This looks like a cool technique, and watching the video, it looks like a similar training effect could be replicated using bands.

Billy Bybee deadlifts 462 pounds at 169 pounds bodyweight. Add Billy to the long list of strong lifts at Average Broz gym.

Dean Somerset does a 180 dumbell snatch. Here Dean adds a 180 degree rotation to the dumbell snatch. I feel like something bad would happen if I tried this, so I’ll leave it to Dean, but he makes it look smooth.

Dan Gableman demonstrates YTWLs. This is a common shoulder prehab/rehab routine, but I get a lot of questions that come from confusion about how each “letter”, or exercise, is supposed to look. Dan clears that up right here with this close-up video.

Gatorade photo shoot at Fitness Quest 10. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making commercials. I think this stuff is cool to watch.

You Are a Champion. This is one of the videos that just gives you the goosebumps. Great stuff, and probably my favorite song of all-time in the background.

That’ll do it for this week. Thanks for reading/watching. Finish the week strong!